Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Bernardo Arroyo Lindig


wow~ this model looks awesome~
i need to make modlels more high res~



looking great man… I like the detail on the head piece. :thumbsup:

some crits… I think you should work on the elbow area a bit. The elbow bend can be mission to rig, I know ;(
I think the forearms and hands need to be slightly smaller… maybe it’s just me.


Nice you are starting to finish the challenge:)


hello! a long time without updates, i know, i have been sooo busy, too many things to do, but well, in the night i spend like one hour daily to get this model done, i still have to make some adjustments, but i will do them in the next stage…, for now i still have to finish the model of the main hall, and add a little more detail in the city, and then start texturing all this… its going to be a hard work! but well…

thank you for your comments! and tell ma what do you think!


Even without the textures, your models are bloody excellent. :slight_smile:
Only critque I can think of for the Queen is maybe shrink the size of the stomach and breasts (though is hard to tell if they really need it or not due to the clothing being in the way, so maybe it’s just my imagination).


It seems her cheeks need softening (i think) her face has a lot more age to it than that of a young lady right now. with the cheeks pulled upward and toward the center of her face like that she seems either older or more evil, i cant tell… and perhaps some of it is in her VERY pronounced jawline as well. softening that may “young” and “nice” her up a bit too… just a thought


hey! well thak you very much for your comments, i know the face still has a lot of problems, that’s the problem when you do human beings… we are so good to see what’s wrong with a face hehe, well, i updated the face but unfortunately i can’t render it anymore on my poor laptop, it takes too long, and i have other things to do, later in the night i will post the face, i dont think it will need a lot more correction because it won’t be too big in the final render, so i better focus in the texturing and finishing the machine king…

well, good luck to all of you!


hello! well, this is the latest face… hmmi still dont like the mouth but i will try to correct it later, when i have fresh eyes and maybe i will se more problems… for now good luck, and tell me what do you think!


Se ve muy bien Bernardo , los detalles esta super fregones , quizas en lo que respecta a la boca con algunas formas mas estilizadas podras conseguir buenos resultados , digamos que la boca se vea mas sexy hehe.

Saludos vas muy bien , llevas un gran proyecto .


Hey man really great work… I love the translucent cloths , they give some nice felling to the character …

Continue the good work!!


Man your moving! :bounce: The pose looks awsome, the only thing I see are some minor adjustments on the hands and face…

Considering what you’ve done already I’d say you have plenty of time for more and for fine tuning!!!



i love her… i mean the character:D . some more crease on her cloth will give her a little glamour look:shrug:… i think. keep on.


hey ur models are looking awesome… i like the lighting and the total feel of ur works… btw just wondering is the female godess looking charecter gonna have that long face all the tym or r u gonna put some expression to her face?.. anyways keep up ur amazing works :thumbsup:


Bernardo, very nice models!! I’m liking it so far, keep on!!:thumbsup:


Nice update here… man you work very fast… and very well… :thumbsup:
And a lot of details… good work… :wink:


Wooooow man i like very much ur model.(esta de pelos carnal).:thumbsup:



hello! oohhh i have been so busy lately, i couldn´t work too much in the contest the last days, fortunately, the next week will be a lot better, so be prepared, because i will start texturing everything, and i will add more and more detail to all my models… its still a long way, but with your awesome comments i am really inspired…

i will work harder on the queen, and i will use all your comments as a reference!

so stay tuned!! and good luck!!


Definitly one of my faves. No crits, just keep up the good work.



Hello! this is the latest update… i was suposed to finish the modelling qith this two character finished, but i got some good ideas for the enviroment, so i will update it this week, i also will start texturing everything now, so well, i hope you like this, and thank you for your comments!!

good luck!!


whoaaa! you made it! your charactor model is very detail as usual ! and your cloth material is very great!! but i think the pink floor is distract! maybe it’s just test ,
good luck!