Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: beirnaert


good answer my love !


Espece de vieux corbeau !!!:twisted: c’est un oublie que j’ai corrigé…tu vois pas le monde qui passe sur mon site en ce moment…Je les est toujours credités là ou j’ai posté, vieux salo !!
Concernant la signature, qd j’ai vu la tienne j’ai pensé un moment que tu te moquais de la mienne !:smiley:

Now that I’m VENERE with baby, I really want to see that picture in Hi-res…Fella my webserver is far from dead , I can Upload it if you want !!!:slight_smile:


5 minutes ago it was not pas la…

ca va…faute réparée faute pardonnée.

you deserve the high rez pic ? is it to hang on your toilets wall ? to spa.k on me and Fellah (and Nano le figurant)


hum… baby contacted me fast after my post. he offered me alot of gifts if I didn’t send u the picture. hum, I’ll think about it… :wink:


I wonder what kind of gifts :rolleyes:


not the kinda ones you’ll experience with him tonight :applause:


fantasm projection, poor fellah … don’t worry, he’s yours and only yours …


you know fellah, baby didn’t hesitate that much when he has published the video of you drunk dancing on his bed on the bee gees !!!:scream:



shitty traitor


Lot of people here asked that lemog put his helmett of, I have a scanner who can do it…

Lemog c´est pour rire hein dit… non me tape pas sur la tete… ouie aie… :smiley:


:shrug: he looks like a cool guy :shrug:



Dumb & Dumber III :
have U seen Lemog


hey man… whats appened to my avatar??? :argh:


Et paf… vlà Stef qui profite que je suis en repos pour me poignarder dans le dos…

mouahahahahahahah… the ugliest challenger is Lemog… too bad head I think…

But you have a good point nevertheless, the face which you chose is very very young… :thumbsup: that’s appropriate for me… :scream:


considering the thread, I have to ask myself if that was misspelt :curious:


considering the thread, I have to ask myself if that was misspelt :curious:


Flying P ? is that Jar after he was thrown into a mixer ? (your avatar)


it’s a Squibbit original :smiley:



it’s a pig (I thought the eye was the nose)…in small like this it looks like a JarJar…don’t repeat it to the artist…he could get angry…


don’t know what the hell a JarJar is so there probably isn’t much point in me mentioning it :slight_smile:



My favourite character in shitty Episode I.