Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Artur Malczyk


Nice image, really. Just one thing bugs me and that is there is no focal point. The level of detail and everything is great it’s just the focal point thing.

Great stuff though


Fahrija: I’m glad that you like exploring my image:) and thank for your interest, I solved the problem. Somehow my ftp cient remebered the path to the old .zip and I was uploading the same file every time:) good to noticed that and corrected!

keetmun: it’s hell indeed… and nice that you see the chaos of it there

joshcxa: that was done on purpose. I wanted to create a hard for eye image, which would disturb the viewer… I thought that it would emphasize the chaos of war feeling


I can post my layer setup too, but it will be a bit compicated, will all my 56 layers:twisted:


oh my godness!! you rock my friend, you rock:)


So it started! Let the best wins:buttrock:

I have voted now, and have to apologize for not seeing and participating in many threads. I have missed a few very good one!

And I must say that I’m impressed with the 2d challenge… they are real artists… why there are much more highest quality images? is 2d easier than 3d? I don’t get it. But still, many great works here, and some really world first class:)

See you on the next challenge:bounce:


haha! Voting here: :bounce:

good luck masters! It is a pleasure to compete with you:buttrock:


Hey arturro,

I wrote an over all crit and some ideas on creating Cg art and posted it on my thread. Let me know what you think, its kind of rough and mostly just ideas I had when evaluating my work.



Well they have decided to use uploaded tiff files instead of compressed, small jpg files! hurray! So I think you will see all of the works bigger and in better quality!

enochian: yeah, nice thoughts, I second them:thumbsup:


When the voting page was on-line I have downloaded the pictures that I like, There were apx. 50 of them, and I had no problmes with viewing them and deciding where to give my vote.

So I don’t see the reason of such a small amount of works which gets to the jury!

So maybe we all could ask the great stuff on the other side of the competition to think about it?
The more people would support that, the bigger chance they will change it…
I think that 15 works from each category is far too small in compersion with the amount of works.


Each part of your work is like a final.You have done well and hope to see the result.:thumbsup: :slight_smile:
good luck!


THanks adel3d, nice to hear it from a person, whos work is so grand and outstanding:) thank you!


Talk about a ton of work and detail. I just cant fathom how many replies some people get. All well deserved in this thread as I see you put much time into it. I hope it does well in the voting standpoint. Maybe Ill see you in the next challenge! Congrats on fiinishing such an elobroate piece of art…



Hi there my friend! I wish you best and hope to see you in the final works. I think you deserve it! Great work and great help I have found in your thread. Good luck!


One vote from me my friend…the most COmplex and detailed enr ry for certian…I hope everyone voting opens up the hi res versions to see all the great details… :applause:


just wanted to let you know that I voted for your image :bowdown: I just love :love:the chaos feeling you get watching it. Reminds me a bit of some piece I have seen from the old masters of art. :arteest:


Thanks a lot guys. Truly wonderful experience and learning process. So many great works! I wouldn’t be able to choose the winner:)


Hi again my friend. I was just wondering about your plans to this scene. Animation maybe? that would rock:twisted:

ps. could tell me how you did the fire/smoke effects?


Well, I still have to small experience and skills to make the animation from it. Too much was done in post, which wouldn’t work in post of the animation. But in the futer I would like to make it alive:) The other thing is the next challenge which as I read is comeing probably in March:twisted: And no way that I could miss it! Too big learning experience!

As far as my effects are concerned… they are simple Particle arrays from max, emmiting from a long box with a few faces that emit particles. No additional forces:) material is made out of procedural maps. I will soon prepare a making of with some print screens. But the key is that I have rendered a few high res effects and painted with them my picture. So cloning stamp was in use many times. I wouldn’t be able to get such results with particles only. At least not yet, because I’m studying now great Allan McKay’s tutorials about particles.


Artur that is alot of work there, I wish I could even get close to doing a 3D image. I will have to go do some tutorials…lol Good work and goodluck :thumbsup:


wow…sorry i didnt reply :sad:…im such a bastard :banghead: :banghead: …man your final image looks impressive!!..thats a massive battle…is like brave hart battles but with space ships!! very amazing…good luck man…and cya in the next one :slight_smile: