Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Artur Malczyk


I like this render a lot, the models come together pretty well, but the top part seems a bit empty, which you said you still have to add the aerial elements so I will have to wait to see that. I cant comment on the color thing thats going on since im not good at analyzing color, only thing i notice is that foreground is red, midground is blue and background is white, dont know if thats intentional.


Hi Artur

Thx a lot for your support while I was still a part of this challenge. Hope you don´t feel like you´ve wasted your time, have learned a lot anyway.

About your latest submission, it´s very promissing. I do feel a little flatness to the objects, mainly the ships in background, probably because of the fog…I know the fog is great for giving some kind of distance feeling, but maybe reduce it a little. I don´t know. Maybe a little more contrast between light and shadow could help:shrug: . I think your composition is almost there, you have manage to place a lot of objects in a little area, and I, as the viewer, am still able to find some sort of system, thumps up for that.
Looking forward to some engine glows in post, will help even more in detirming the rute of the flying ships.

overall, very nice.:applause:


Hey arturro. The elements are fantastic but my first impression is that the view is wrong. The ships blend too much into the light-colored ground. I remember the camera was below looking up in the past, which would be inherently more epic. Those ships should be in the air. just 2 from me


Man nice scene!! :thumbsup: You finally managed to fill all this valley!

I think the red in front is a bit too saturated…

One more scenario like question…Why no intruders are heading to the city?:curious:

Anyway…great work mate! Great you didn’t lost any work too…

Keep tic toc them tic toc coming!! tic toc… :bounce:


…I agree with this that some of the ships should be higher in the air…
…If you toned down the red in the foreground it may blend better with the background
…ummmm…maybe some variation in the fog colors to give the illusion of dust flying up of of the ground… :shrug: …

…well mate I am happy that you got your data back…I bet more than one person where making back up disks after reading that post :banghead: …

Happy to see your image together starting to come together…keep it uP


just a quick little crit… you need to spread out your forground action into some z-space, everyone is in the nearly same exact plane and it clutters things up too much… with all of the action crammed together like they are, you really cant tell what they are even fighting (or getting kiled) against. once you add the ships you made from the other side i think the mid and distant pieces will look really good though.


Great job mate. One crit. The foreground elements look kinda… jumbled. There is so much going on in a small area and there is little differentiation in colors between good guys and bad guys so I am having a hard time telling what the guys are fighting. Otherwise the background looks fantastic and your characters are looking sweet. Keep it up!


• Looks good, there is too much red in front, u gotta reduce reds or fix middle ground as u said, explotion will give meaning to colorization and a good touch to the whole, Very good and professional almost finished image, hard work is paying off very well

• Congratulation Artur! u r a few steps to the goal :bounce:


Nice composition :applause:

One crit: your one wheeled units are placed too regulary on the image, they are on equal distance to each other which makes a bad effect.

Keep up the great work :thumbsup:


Heya Artur!
Good to see You back mate :slight_smile: Mkay, this image looks great man, but as You said, still needs some work, esspecialie add those troops in the background :bounce: Very good work!


Thanks for such an interest here guys. I’m thinking changing the lighting a bit, this red is too strong, I don’t think that explosions in the back can fix that. All your suggestions are being thought:) Only the camera angle will stay as it is, with the previous one(which beter emphasized certain things) the result was not good, it was crawded and busy even more. The probes in the backgrpound are facing the city, but it’s not seen here:) probably more of them around the city itself will fix that. Ok, going back to the air battle… some updates soon.

thanks again for your crits, they are very helpful, so feel free to fire more:)


holy shit ! that is some good work!


Just too many colors.And all too much seperated in layers,from front to back.Plus the buildings are too much the same.Some ships should be higher to break up the crowded feel.The characters in front textures look off,just too much the same the skin and armor.
I like the mountains,and the amount of work is impressive.Some good modeling.But just try and un crowd things a bit more,seperate the models more in height and get more of them in the “Z” direction.Good luck.:slight_smile:


Hi Arturro! I hope U manage to add some DOF- then it will become really brilliant work!
I planned to work trough some repros of old paintings - just how to build up and lighten scenes… All new is well-forgotten old :slight_smile:


Upper half looks great, nice panoramic scope. Only exception here are the two planets - somehow they appear closer than the horizon.

As for the lower part, most problems were already mentioned. I’ll add that the red light seems to come directly from front, flattening everything. IMO it would look better coming from side. Also, shadows on the foreground could be deeper, darker as well.


Finaly we see more from the scene. Its a bit fogy. and its too gray. maybe you should try put more contrast, and sharpen the scene.


Thanks guys for your help. As azazel said I removed the front red light, added some bluish from the other side, corrected the shadows. The skin shader is still on progress, present one is just a standard material with some color, and test dirt painted in post. I will show you some updates soon, but a bigger test with whole scene in e few days with more ships, so that we can see how it acts together. The city is quite boring now, but I plan to add roads as before, some battle around it, cruisers attacing, etc. So hell of work to be done. But I hope I will manage to do it.


Hi there, it’s just a quick low quality lighting test, without any fog, with reduced dirt just to see the light. Also changed a bit the layout of the units in the middleground. The red areas will be filled with explosions(hopefuly).


just for quick comparsion. Do you think that the lighting is better now or in this image? I mean the foreground and middleground.


Yes …much beter…not that seperation now between the fore/mid…looks good…keep it up… :thumbsup: