Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Artur Malczyk



Great stuff!

I really like your style, with all those “thingies” to add detail :smiley:

Keep it up

Best regards


digitally orgasmic, dude, i wish you well with the challenge :slight_smile:


Very interesting ship design. This is a complex scene and seeing this initial modeling makes me think you are quite capable of pulling it off. Awesome!



Well I think that if you stick to it the “overbumpiness” might actually work in your favor as a styliscic device. You can never have to many guns on a ship. Or a tank for that matter.

Looking at your compostition I note a bit of disharmony from many of the individual elements… I think you should consider creating a more fluid comp.



nice idea and modeling…the ships look like they are infested with some kind of plague though…but it could work if textures correctly. Good luck and wow, that’s going to be a lot of work.


Hi WazaR and HieSpike!

I thought about all those “thingies” as one of the features of the invader’s style. Some of them will be glowing, flashing, some would be a small mecha-organic forms which attack nearest enemy ships, some would be fired as probes:)

WazaR: As far as disharmony in my conposition is concerned, judging by my sketch I must agree. But the problem is that I’m a poor drawer, and had some problems with showing how do I see my composition. I think that after modeling a ships(defender’s fighter, and their land carrier) I will model the terrain, and then I would use some boxes to show more precisely what do I mean. Just like you did in your work.


Lovely pieces- keep it up and count me as one of Your fans.


:cry: this is… these are spaceships… how the heck do yo make those? :applause:


thanks for your support RK and Sad:)

Modeling of these space ships was a great fun. I started with a simple sphere, and then conerted it to my favourite editable poly and… just let my imagination to move polys and vertices:bounce:
And all those “thingies” are made in a clever way, some of theme(a few only) are modelled on the ship, the rest of them are simple geometry objects, which are distributed over the surface using particles - Particle Flow in 3d max 6:buttrock:


The ships are cool. I specially dig the similarity in design, like (logically) a fleet would have. Plus, the organic feel of all the bumps and blips is ok.

Good luck!



I wanted to get different style for the defenders. I like this concept but would rather change something in the defender’s style than in invader’s one. Please write what you think about it? :slight_smile:


Your invaders fighter looks like it is the size of a mid sized cruiser.Very nice design and model.

Your defender has a very much bomber feel to it , almost like it would fitt right into Naboo - a nubian bomber.

Very interesting shape.


Unfortunately I must leave you for four days. I’ll be back here on monday. Hope to write the story during this time, and think of some ground units. I think that no more flying units are required, maby if time allows I will think of more.

Good luck to you all and don’t finish without me:scream:



quick comment. I like the “Bomber” style for the defenders…however, it seems that if they are defending…they woulnd want to be bombing anything. Maybe, you should redesign them to be faster more like fighter jets…does that make sense?



The detailing on those ships is a new style I have not seen before. It is good that it is original - it also is quite a strong camoflage of the actual shape of the models - perhaps a good thing for military ships!

And good work on the contrasting ship design for the defenders. The only thig I don’t like about that model is the bent rectangular shape of the model. I think it should either have a definate corner or be a smooth curve all the way across - at the moment the main wing looks mishapen and lumpen compared the the sylish design of the rest of the ship.


i really like the progress of your work, those ships looks great with a lot of details .
Keep the good work :thumbsup:


Hi, I’m back! Thanks for your comments. Wen I was absent I decided to definitely leave invader’s style as it is, and to change the inveader’s one. It’s good that you also feel that something with this fighter is not good. And great that you’ve pointed out, what more or less is wrong with it:) I’ll try to put some new ideas in a few hours. Now I will put the story which was written during my absence.


Here is the story for my picture, hope you like it:)…

In the 21st century humans began a space exploration on a big scale. For centuries people explored many galaxies, discovered planets with simple life forms. But they never came across some traces of intelligence or consciousness. Humans on earth were bored and discouraged. They didn’t want to pay for this any more. They have divided into two groups: supporters and opponents of further exploration. The first group was a big minority, and they were forced to leave earth. They settled on the farthest discovered planet with good life conditions – Varta. They called themselves Vartans, and the same name was given to them on earth. Vartans explored the space, and continued discoveries. At the beginning contacts with them were very dry and limited. After discovering in year 2993 Nova103, a planet where life was just starting to deveolop, Vartans stopped further exploration. Contacts with earth started to be very good and regular, they based on trade of recourses and tourism. On the September 24th 3096 people on earth received a last message

no intelligence

the evolution is unnaturally fast


absorbed our technology

no negotiations

our technology


is alive


we don’t know how that could happened

no intelligent life existed there

Nova103 is lost

defending Varta


no time to run

don’t help us

to big risk

they won’t find earth

will destroy the data

will fight

will survive



i like your modelling style …cheers on those ships


Great modeling :thumbsup: I like a lot the last ship design, looks good. Keep this quality :applause: