Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Angel Nieves


I like him snows…reminds me kinda of the gungen leader from episode one…great character…he’s gonna look cool textured…slimy and lizard like I hope…keep on pushing…everything here is comming along very smoothly…noting to crit at all :thumbsup:


I would also like to agree that the robot character looks perfect the way he is…classic si fi style… :buttrock: :buttrock:


thanks essencedesign!:buttrock:


Great work with lightwave!!!
I like your ability to create special personalities for every character, I mean, they all have a different aspect. U know, I was also a lightwave user, but I have desided to change to Maya starting from now…
anyway, good luck and Ill be cheking your work!


Thanks Nikus. I’m slowly learning Maya but I still can not get comfortable enough to model 100% there. I really don’t have plans to change apps completely unless something happens to Newtek.

Anyways, time to post something new…


I’m not sure to keep this guy red with golden details or change him to blue with silver details…


one ugly guy u have there :slight_smile:


the royal guard’s helmet design looks really cool. The red suits him well…



I think it’s great that you made that alien guy really ugly, so you can bring out the sexy queen’s beauty out more! I think it’ll really create an inner response with most viewers, which is good.

Keep going!


just a quickie possible Guard weapon.

Thanks for all the comments guys!


hey ur character and weopon looks great man… i really like that red dress there …great style buddy… keep it up :thumbsup:


I’g have to agree …this character has a sleek and mysterious look to him…like you want to see what’s doing under that mask…like the pattern on the blade of the weapon…you use Lightwave ,right,hey at least there are two of us … :shrug:


hey overcontrast, your avatar is hillarious!

essencedesign, there are more of us out there but you already knew that :wink:


Sweet modeling. I love your idea with all the different characters. To me that weapon doesnt fit with the rest, its too “indian tribish” if you know what i mean. Maybe something more elegant would fit the character better. Keep up the good work!:thumbsup:


here is the latest on the royal guard.


nicE…very… :twisted:


nice guy:twisted: I’m waiting to see him textured! And I owuld make this top coat longer in the back


Here is another weapon for the guard… it is a bit more elaborate and les indian tribal looking.


started to model the last character, the Queen’s son! Not much to see now but I think he’ll be distinctive enough.

I am using parts of Darth Maul’s clothes as reference.


just a quick update.