Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Angel Nieves


:thumbsup: I agree with you bigger were fitting better
Your clothing is great on all charachters and and great progress :thumbsup:

aquagirl is excellent really like her great job:buttrock:


Hi there, nice work overall.
There’s nothing wrong in liking nice curves :wink: I think the problem is that they look quite fake by keeping this shape in a cloth that looks quite loose, and it makes a character that could be beautiful, look a bit vulgar. I allowed myself to do a little paintover for a suggestion :

keep up the good work!


Very nice (.)(.) SNoWs! :open_mouth: The change seems to draw our attention to her face now. Good balance. Her form seems good now - her posture is improved (and something about her is quite attractive, or is it that I like a girl who knows what to do with webbed hands…?!)

I worked with an old stop motion animator for a few years whose inspiration was Willis O’Brien and Harryhausen. He made some of the best custom armatures and latex mold casts I’ve ever seen. He always said - "never show a puppet not moving to your audience (I.e. Stop Motion character). I’ve always hoped that the 3D realm would begin displaying their puppets as “posed.” I think it would do our craft justice for all of us to come together, do this, and set the precedent. Always show a character in jesture, pose, or in action.

I look forward to seeing Aqua smiling at me, perhaps making me wonder if she wants me to move closer, or is she thinking she would like to do away with me?


that’s a very good suggestion m@. I will incorporate some of those into the model.:thumbsup:
The dress is supposed to be tight on the upper torso and then loosen up at the hips and the sleeves.

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions guys!


Very inspiring indeed Daniel. If I didn’t have this challenge deadline I would start doing that right now but I’m just trying to crank out as many models as possible as fast as possible, texturing and posing will start after I model the rest of the characters, I don’t think I’ll make all the designs I sketched out but I’m hoping to make most of them. I hope you keep checking my work out I’m really enjoying your posts, very helpful not just to me but everyone else as well:thumbsup:


nice work! i like the level of detail!
keep it up :thumbsup:


Hey hey hey, Hi there. this models are great, I like the character, It looks very real , I am eager to see that with textures on it. Only one observation, I can see interdigital membrane, and a special acuatic look on her, so you shoul add galls begin the ears. It will be cool.

Snake Farlow. The rogue.

See my work.


not much to show for this guy but I’m happy how the brain turned out… is not textured yet but it was kinda tricky to model.

Thanks everybody for all the comments, keep 'em coming!

@SnakeFarlow, The reason she doesn’t have gills is because I made her a nose and I have another character that looks very aquatic that has gills and I didn’t want to make the same thing again, just a little variety…


wow… inspiring work!

last time I visited you had completed the torso of the queen - you’ve made great progress since then. You have great skills in modelling clothes, it looks so natual…

aquagirl is looking great, can’t wait to see her smile and show some leg ;p


Oh man aquagirl’s too sexy, turn her into a human! (kidding…)Nice brain too! FOr some reason it reminds me of the pinky and the brain…Don’t know why…

Cheers man!


here is character #8 finished model.


just a quick test render

Versiden and Keetmun, Just realized you guys dropped by, thanks for the comments guys!


Hello SnoWs Nice work in here but I have some notices about the robo I think the concept is too simple… may be adding some details or change the shape of the model… or may be that’s your point. :slight_smile: about the girl character is very good model congrats but I think her shoulders are little bit too huge for the rest of the body but may be it’s because of the cloth I’m not sure . However gwork :slight_smile: I Wish you luck and take care ! :slight_smile: Ciao :thumbsup:


nice progress … this robot reminds me of one character from Justice League… he is in some episode… hm… and hsis name is brainiac to! :slight_smile:


Nice robot. Very classic sci-fi.


Thanks for all the comments guys!

@Divaise - sometimes simple is good :wink: I wanted to keep this one simple but still interesting enough. The shoulders of the girl might look too because of the sleeves. I made them puffy on the top and a bit tighter towards the hand. Good luck to you too man.:thumbsup:

@markovicd. - he, he I didn’t have any names picked to the robot or the girl so I just wrote the first thing that came to mind. I got the name from Superman’s Brainiac which should be the same one as in JL.:slight_smile:

@Fuzzy Modem - Thanks!:thumbsup:


I wanted to make the Queen’s son next but I was highly un-inspired so I started to make this one instead.


here is what I have so far for this character…


That robot looks great awesome job i like it very stylised.:thumbsup:

nice begining on the fat guy cant wait to see him ready:bounce:


Just a small update on this guy. I need to get the traitor son started…

Thanks Lelantos!