Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Angel Nieves


fantastic WIP
Can’t wait to see more!!


Nice work so far. =]-

I saw your tutorial at Newtek today. I’m modelling a character for a friend at the moment and was having trouble coming up with a method for modelling the wrinkles. Your tutorial was perfect timing - thanks!


started making the robes for this guy… I think I’ll make a female version of this one to acompany him.


Julez4001, Thanks man!

Bliz, I’m glad you liked the tutorial, makes it all worth it:thumbsup:


The scene in colour is allready very impressive, your current colours immediately draw the viewer’s attention to the throne :smiley:
and your last model is once again very cool:thumbsup:

thanks for the tutorial btw, I was waiting for this:bounce:


hey the clothes are great, i looks good


almost done modeling this guy, I’ll add some folds after making some UV’s, It’ll be easier to add some detail after the UV’s are done.


Female version of the previous model. She’ll be his escort.


need to change some things in the flow of the side of the chin and need to make the tiny ears and probably will change the eyes.


I’ve done quite a bit on this one today; this is what I have so far. I want to make the hands and feet with membrane between the finguers, seems appropiate for this one.


well obviously you kicked my ass and made me cry, this is insane your so good, also love the lighting in your enviornment, lol wow aliens have nice brests. lol gj keep going and i hope u win.

Also is this polygon modeling and what app are you using, would love to learn from u :)?


Thanks for your very kind words geneticlone.:blush:

I’m using Lightwave 8 and yes, it is polygon modeling converted to Subdivision Surfaces. I usually mix both types of geometry in my models depending on how they are going to be seen in the render and their purpose. I use diferent techniques to model including box modeling but my favorite is what most people call “point extend” where you pick the edges (or points making the edges of an object) and extrude them so you keep growing your geometry until you have the shape done. If you go to page 7 post #100 you can find a link to a mini tutorial I wrote on how I go by making folds in clothing, check it out and let me know what you think.

Thanks again for the encouraging words.:thumbsup:


wow impressive modelling ! Really a nice work… keep it up :wip:



haven’t had much time to work on this but finally managed to finish this model, moving on to a new one, maybe one of the robots for a change.


I like her. You can tell she was designed by a guy! Why not reduce the breasts?(small are nice too - and a change in CG). Please don’t put little hairs along her spinal fin. Your doing a great job - btw.



She is amazingly beautiful:) And the fact that se is an alien, doesn’t change much:twisted: But I agree with Daniel… you should make her breasts smaller.


You guys have any idea how long that took to make? common guys, there’s gotta be at least one character of the bunch with big boobs! I already have one with smaller breast:twisted:

no, seriously, I liked the character as is, that change might take more time than I’m willing to spend now (with the clothing and all) I’ll put it as a low priority change, I just started modeling the brainiac robot and don’t want to interrupt the session.


hey great work man… i really like the chick model… by the way the Daniel is kinda right… the breasts could be a lil bit smaller… and i guess they are a bit too close… ur other models rocks too… keep it up mate :thumbsup:


Great characters SNoWs! And the clothes, yeah… very good.


allright, here is an updated aquagirl (for lack of a better name)model with a brand new boob job.

you know, I still like the other one better… what do you all think?