Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Angel Nieves


Hey guys, need some advice on the color scheme of the Queen… I was thinking of making her all white as a sign of purity, then I thought of adding some color but this one re, white and blue might be subsconciously linked immediately with American colors; then I thought of making just the shoulder pads red and add some kind of pattern to them.

Do you like any of my takes described above or have any other suggestions?


Well, it’s a matter of opinion for sure, but I think it would be neat to see white dress with white sleves and going up the dress and across the sleves are several interwoven red lacy designs. Kinda like the celtic weave designs. Then the arm pads could be red with the design in white on them. Just a thought.


> Hey guys, need some advice on the color scheme of the Queen… I was thinking of making her all white as a sign of purity,

I’d agree with all white (or cream/pearl/very pale butter colour) - don’t think the multicoloured dress works as well. If you want to get some patterns in, perhaps some other item - a scarf/shawl/whatever could be patterned wiothout interfering with the dress.

btw - I’m in awe of the the folds on the drapery on her torso. Anything you want to say about that - I’ll listen.


here is a test lighting set up, might actually change when I drop in all the characters.


hi I did a google search, do you mean designs such as this?

do you have better examples?


the dress is modeled by adding geometry and moving vertices

I knew that! You have gr8 art skills. :thumbsup:
And thanks for the advices! I really didn’t see that cheek-neck problem. I fixed that. THanx.

About dress… Your modelling is stunning! Maybe some pastel tones on mostly white dress?
Keep making those beautiful things! :bounce:


your modeling skill is awesome !


beutiful work and very clean modelling :thumbsup:


thanks for all the nice comments guys. I really appreciate all the feedback.:thumbsup:


Awesome Progress…:eek:
Hope to see the other stages!
good luck!:thumbsup:


I suggest a Gold color and specularity…It would show all the queens royalty, and would bold her from the rest of the crowd…You could try by making a general render, and then go to photoshop, and change the hue option to see many different versions of it!
Looks great


hey the escenary and the ligthing and the model is fantastic, but is too much like starwars, try to make something else, to get something diferent and original.

keep working:D


I’m not sure what to think about your suggestion melkao; I was inspired by SW but I felt the idea and characters were original otherwise I wouldn’t have gone that route.:sad:

Nikus, I think you are right and I better experiment in PS.


added some details to the queen. I think this one is done, moving on to the body of the camel looking character.


looks awesome… really nice cloth!

I’d probably stretch the neck a bit… that would make her look a bit more noble. Maybe even add a nice collar - something that jumps into ones eye.

I like the overall idea of the scene… stands out in all these battle scenes (nothing against battle scnens… can’t wait to see those as well…)


Hi SnoWs,

Beautiful modeling! I thought I would look up something from my old library to maybe help you with the royalty stuff. This info comes from a really awesome book, titled “Heraldry: Sources, Symbols, and Meaning” by Ottfried Neubecker, McGraw-Hill Book Co. (UK).

There is a reason for all of the colors in (and on) all of the crowns, shields, armor, and flags of Europe (and even our own flag colors). The aspect and choice of colors for flags also stems from Heraldry. My hope in doing this, is to inspire you with ideas for the symbology in your scene. This info has helped me to balance the symbolism of colors for planetary flags and apparel of the characters in my own stories and concepts. May it do the same for you. :slight_smile: Keep up the awesome work.

Gold= Yellow = OR
Planet: Sun
Precious Stone: Topaz
Symbol of: Understanding, respect, virtue, majesty.

Silver= White = Argent
Planet: Moon
Precious stone: Pearls
Symbol of: Cleanliness, wisdom, innocence, chastity, joy

Red = Gules
Planet: Mars
Precious stone: Ruby
Symbol of: Eagerness to serve one’s fatherland.

Blue = Azure
Planet: Jupiter
Precious stone: Sapphire
Symbol of: Fidelity, steadfastness.

Black = Sable
Planet: Saturn
Precious stone: Diamond.
Symbol of: Mourning.

Green = Vert
Planet: Venus
Precious stone: Emerald.
Symbol of: Freedom, beauty, joy, health, hope.

Purple = Purpure
Planet: Mercury
Precious stone: Amethhyst.
Symbol of: Majesty.

No planet sign.
No precious stone.
Symbolism: Indefinite.

Brown = Tenne’
Interior of planet, dragon’s head.
Precious stone: Hyacinth.
Symbol of: Nature.



Your original concept is a really great idea. You will be able to show off some cool creatures with a space background. Your model of the queen looks really nice. You might want to put more detail into the throne, although all the detail in the queens clothing does keep ones attention on her. Great project so far.

P.S. Also a big Mazinga fan :slight_smile:


lehmi, not sure about stretching the neck but I’ll give it a go and see what happens

Daniel, WOW, thanks for sharing all that info! :thumbsup: I’m sure it’ll help others as well. I added gold and silver to the queen, I also changed the throne’s back rest to blue. Also it really can’t be seen in the plain screen shot very well but I also added a red gemstone right on the middle of the chest (here looks like a grey oval) all the beads are gold with a few in the back that are silver.
I’ll update the pic soon, it’s rendering now.

Novacaine, I’m going to add a pattern texture on the long bars on the sides of the throne and also there are going to be 2 royal guards, one on each side, hopefully that will help.
Oh, if you are a Mazinga fan look what I was cooking, I had to stop to work on the challenge tho…:slight_smile:


here is the current color scheme, the details are hard to see here, I might render a larger view…


Hey guys, just to let you know that I wrote a mini tutorial on how I go by making folds; it is beeing hosted by the cool guys over at Newtek. Take a look and if you have any questions let me know.