Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Angel Nieves


It would be nice to see a pet beastie by her feet. Like a warthog-
hyena-lizard-porcupine purebred. MMMmmmm…fooood.

my challenge


it might take me a little while but I can put something together… stay tuned.

:bounce: my prayers will be answered

maybe combine the plating technique with a classical ornamental decoration ot throne. giving it an archaic but at the same time futuristic tech look.


I like that idea :slight_smile:


I like that idea :slight_smile:


The pet beast idea is good, however, I’m not even sure I can finish all the characters I have right now:sad:

Hi tiburonsita!:love:
hope to see you around more often.


those wrinkles are freaking sweet.


started modeling character #1 even tho the queen isn’t finished yet.


wow… awesome stuff i can c here… how on earth did u managed to model that dress with those wrinckes?.. man that looks just gr8… i’ll b keepin my eyes on this one… keep it up mate


thanks overcontrast, I"ll post an update for the queen soon, have been sick for the last couple of days but I’m back in business. More on how I made the wrinkles soon.:slight_smile:


besides the dress I added some details to the throne.


:eek: :eek: WOW!! those wrinkles on the dress are awesome!! :scream: very cool design on the characters!! keep it up!! :thumbsup:


First I want to congratulate you in your drawing skills! Great concepts! I also liked the dress you did (which program are you using?) I think your idea fits nicely, but I agree with the problem that you will deal: How would you express the queen’s worries about her son in just one image? Specially if she is alien and has diferent facial expressions than humans (just a thought)
In general, great work! I will love to see some deep texturing!


Very well done!


thanks for the comments guys. :thumbsup:

Nikus, here is my response to Sky_one which answers your question as well.

I know what you mean, Sky_one. I thought that even if you don’t know the story it would work, it would leave the viewer to speculate, and make you think of why is the queen so upset. I think if I come up with good emotions on the characters the image can be very evocative without the viewer be familiar with the story.

At least I hope I’m right, otherwise my entry will be toast on the get go.

I missed your other question… I use Lightwave 8 and will be using Photoshop for texturing.


if you can bring the idea over to the viewer, the way you describe, it will be that which makes your image so unique & powerful.

it’s the strength of the project, I hope you achieve your goal :thumbsup:


Awesome dress! :love:

Did you use special algorithm on that or you managed to do those wrinkles one by one by tweaking vertexes?
Keep going man! That’s just great!


so far I’m really liking where this one is going. I need to fix the star on the chin, that one will cause too much texture stretching…


hey, that alien is cool, it makes me to remember to sebulba from starwars episode 1.
is very nice…and the idea too


character 1 finished head.


Queen model almost finished. Just some jewelry and it’s done…

Andrey_SE the dress is modeled by adding geometry and moving vertices but more on that soon I promise.