Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Angel Nieves


here is the first run at the room here everything is taking place.


dropped the floor in.


Your modeling is moving nice and quickly. The characters look very nice, they have that important look about them ( the one you modeling now.)
Good work so far.

My space opera entry


thanks mmoir! Hopefully I’ll be able to keep that important look to the rest of the characters.


I’m working on the throne righ now. here is what I have so far.

The platforms on the sides are for guards of the queen.


great modelling, definitely inspired from SW, perhaps you could make move the camera back a little bit to show the vastness of the throne room?


started working on the queen dress.



the rest looks pretty cool too :wink:




done making folds for the upper torso.


here is what I have so far on the Queen’s dress, I wanted to be done with this one by now but haven’t have enough time to spend on the challenge this week.


Excellent wrinkles!


insane geometry!
are u using a reference to work from? Or just modelling on the fly? Looking very impressive… keep it up


thanks for the comments guys, always appreciated. My only reference for the dress is a picture of a wedding dress I found on-line. Also I have references from pattern sites but I’m not using those yet.


Those are some mad cloth modelling skills!!! Though I would suggest keeping a close eye on the amount of wrinkles. It’s really easy to get carried away with such exciting stuff. But fantastic work no less! :thumbsup:



your sketches are excellent, very diverse characters

but the cloth is absolutely amazing, great work!:thumbsup:


added the throne to do a quick check for positioning and proportions.


I think I’ll add some details to the throne since it kinda looks a bit plain.

keetmun, you are right, when making wrinkles and folds is easy to quickly over do it. I think I’ll make some overlap of the fabric touching the floor of the throne and then leave it alone, specially when I’m still not sure weather to use a wide angle or a closer shot for this piece yet.

KennyM, thanks man!


Snows, this is coming along great. As for the throne… have you considered hitting it with the technique covered by the Hull Plating tutorial? It could add a lot of subtle detail to the scene without stealing the show. And, speaking of tutorials, any chance you might want to comment about how you tackled putting together the dress and those cool wrinkles in the LW Space Opera thread?

Keep up the good work!


that’s a good idea… will see what I come up with, as for a quick tutorial… sure, I can throw something in, would be my first so it might take me a little while but I can put something together… stay tuned.