Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Angel Nieves


That is alot of characters to get done… you plan on fully rigging each one? Good luck man.


hey guys, thanks for the comments!

I hope I can pull it off, I do plan to rig the characters so I can pose them and adjust them on the fly. Also I’m kinda hopeing to re-use meshes to build other characters from, specially the humanoid looking ones, that might speed up the process.


just another alien


ok, I thought of making a robot or two to add a little variation. Here is one of them


here is the second robot.


great sketches mate! waiting for some modeling!! :bounce:


Just some thoughts on the scene. . .

The background characters are all around the same height, may want to add a bit of difference here. The only other problem I’m seeing in this is that the queen doesnt seem “queenly” enough. Once again it seems to stem from the BG chars, their eye levels are all around the same as the queens. My eyes had a bit of a hard time finding the focus of the peice.

Possibly try lowering the delegates, or moving further to BG, and raising the queen above ground plane. Maybe add more BG chars, to give a better sense of the magnitude of the situation? Lastly, the queen seems awfully relaxed given the situation. . .

Colours/lighting can also add alot of these effects too.

good designs so far, keep it up.


ok, this is it, no more characters. Next:modeling


thanks guys!

@ Malapropos, thanks for all the suggestions. The first concept sketch, is really crappy, and did it very quickly, it really does suck. I’ll post the costume design for the queen soon and see if you all think is queenly enough. I do plan to make the characters at different hights, I really like the idea of moving the queen above ground plane:thumbsup: I want to make the queen look like she is sobering looking slightly to the side and trying to cover her face, what do you think about that idea?

Also I’m thinking of flipping the image so the queen is on the left instead of the right.


Great sketches! I look forward to see the rest of the scenes!


Heya, switching sides might not be a bad idea, but you might want to think about moving her closer to the center (with her son) to help bring them to focus. That way you could also place delegates on both sides. . .

I’d say sure about her trying to cover her face. It can come across as her being disgusted and/or ashamed.


that sounds like a great idea!


ok, I’m not the best costume designer ever but here is the general direction I was thinking, I need to come up with more but this will keep me busy for a while.

I’ve been looking at pattern sites for inspiration.


ok, started modeling last night here is what I have after 1/2 hr work. I had the basic head done but started over because I didn’t like it.


here is character’s #2 modeled head.


small adjustment, elongated the top of the head to match the sketch as close as possible.


good modelling so far, and I like your ideas! Can’t wait for more


started to work on the drapery


more drapery work


Here is the model for character #2
Made this one in around 3-4 hrs
I want to texture the skin with a elephant leather texture…