Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Angel Nieves


Very nice piece!
Now at last you can breathe… and maybe :beer: :scream:

I shall take those cloth tips into consideration for my next projects. Thanks a lot :bowdown:


Thank you guys! This trully was a challenge!
There were a couple of things that I wish I had the time to get them done but at the end I think it turned out fine thanks to everybody’s input.:thumbsup:

I’ll upload a larger version to my site and a couple of detail shots later.


Congratz MATE! great work!


EEEEEEEEiiiiiiiii A lot lot lot characters niceeeeeeee:thumbsup:


Here are some detail shots.


Groovy final, cheers and congrats on this great piece of work.

Cheers to that


I love your texturing and you cloth modelling!!! Its really cool! Congrats for completing the challenge! Best of luck! :applause:


I just color corrected the “elephant” alien guy skin… since I had the time


Fun Characters.
kind of boring lighting but a good piece non the less.

congrats on finishing.


thanks for all the comments guys!:thumbsup:

Hi KOryH, as far as the lighting goes, this was my thinking when I went at it, since it is in space with a planet behind the characters and a sun basically in front of them plus the lighting of the room itself with plenty of reflective materials I thought it would be really nice and bright.


You have some cool character designs: very “Star Wars”-like, in terms of creativity and color themes. Good luck.


:applause: wonderful scene and all your figure are beautiful !!! :thumbsup:



Thats one nice set of characters Angel…A real nice job.These characters turned out real well.I think you should be quite proud of the outcome here.I am for you.I like this look and style personally.again very nice effort and results in my book.All the best to you and all you do in the future…:arteest: :arteest:


just wanted to let you know that I voted for your image :bowdown:
A great work you did on these characters :eek:


Hey you guys are great!
thank you so much for the great support:thumbsup:


WOW so much work in that piece congratulation man :thumbsup:


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