Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Angel Nieves


here is the ponytail. I have not painted a head texture yet… I’ll do that soon.


In reference to the room being simple…
maybe you can add an ornamental treatment.
Thinking as if they are curtains but made of
different metals?

Just a thought.


changed the tuxtures to this guy.


I don’t know why, but this guy doesn’t look for a brainy one:) But I like him a lot. Come on, place it in your scene:twisted:


This looks really good, great characters. Fantastic textures, clothing. It’s so late
in the challenge I don’t know if I should suggest this, but I would throw in a very thin
and norrow and long tabletop along each side, so that the view doesn’t impact the
characters especially towards the center.The tables could be straight or curved, like a boomerang sorta. And have very minimal central legs, say two or three to a table, so they
don’t block the characters much. To my mind a meeting such as this would have some
furniture, especially since they are so well dressed. The tabletop would mainly be seen
edge on towards the Qween’s sides. And not in front of her. Again, just minimal. Of course
it is only my suggestion, and it looks really great as it is.

my 3d GSO entry


thanks guys for all the comments and suggestions.

I droped in the character and it blends well with the rest of them even tho it is an extremely simple character.

If I have time left I’ll add some seats against the walls maybe… but at this time is very unlikely.


• Go Angel! there is less than 48 hours left!! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: I like the stickman a lot! :smiley:


Hello SNoWs, what a great characters! Hurry up with your final image.


Nice to see you got rid of that synchro swimming :bounce:

IMO the woodman looks a lot better in the second one. On the first one it looked more like “the thing that came from the swamp” or something like that.

I have a question about your clothing. I saw your wireframe on how to add those wrinkles, but I wanted to know if that kind of high-rez geometry could be used on a cloth simulation? :shrug:

Good luck! I wait for the finished image :beer:


still looking great, snows. keep it up.


You better finish this entry, SNoWs, or I will eat my boots… :smiley:


I just wanted to drop you a line again and congrats to you on some great character designed here…I am another one that can’t wait for the final image…


Looking really nice Angel…Just here to give you that extra moral boost.All the best in your final touches,see you at final time…:arteest: :beer:


wow thanks guys for all the support, it’s greatly appreciated and very encouraging:thumbsup:
My computer has been quite busy rendering.
The set with all the characters (no queen’s son) took 24 hrs to render at 4000x1996!
It’s all the reflections and refraction at work.
The planet took 2 hrs to render (not as big)
I’ll post the rendering tomorow since I have one more layer to render (the son)
I was kinda worried but seems like it’ll work out after all, it’s been a nail-biter for sure.

@nemirc - yep flinder looked over my computer at work and said “it’s Mr. Hankey” he was right and had to change him, he, he.
I have no idea how well the cloth would look like if run through a simulation. I guess it could work with a lot of fine tunning so the shapes don’t interpenetrate. I can play with the idea after the challenge if I have time…

time to put the computer back to work.:smiley:

Thanks guys!!!


Hey Angel, thanks for the answer.
I’d kinda be more concerned about those wrinkles slowing down the simulation :shrug:

Anywayz I have to try that when I finish my current projects… meaning withing 4 or 5 months :cry:


Here I’m almost done compositing and adding all post effects.

The Queen turned out over exposed so I rendered a pass of her alone and composited that on top to bring the details of the clothes out.


You can always have the simulation done on a low res object and then use the solution in a high res object… at least in LightWave you can.


Here is the final image! with some time to spare! :wink:

well not really.


Bravo! My congratulations! You made a great piece of wonderful 3d art. I wish you best, and try to relax now, have a beer, etc.:slight_smile:


Well done mate! :thumbsup: