Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Angel Nieves


hi, the composition look just great, but I think that the room is too simple - maybe more organic / round shapes wold help, it should look more splendid

also I`m curious for the lighting :thumbsup:


arturro is right… they kinda looked like they were doing some sort of synchronized dancing to me :shrug:

other than that, outstanding job :buttrock:

hectic: Maybe you are right but we also need to consider the specific architecture to that civilization. The queen looks technically human and I don’t think that a court room that looks like jabu-jabu’s belly (from Ocarina of Time) would be believable…
I do believe that the room could use some ornamental textures though.


Hey guys thanks for all the comments, exactly the type of feedback I was hopeing to get.

I’ll change the fish chick’s pose, arturro is right, too close to the one standing next to her.
I also want to change the “elephant” creature on the left, he should be talking with the fat guy. Need to texture the robot’s brain and I need to finish the Queen’s son.

I’m starting to think I’ll be able to finish on time Climax:thumbsup:

I’ll post an update of the poses soon but first a test render…


this took 3.2 hrs to render at HD resolution


nemirc: I didn`t ment something THAT differrent :slight_smile: … just a few round shapes here and there, nothing excessive and definitely textures


Is absloutley a wonderful work, and I really Impressed about all expression that your figures have in the image… a really big :thumbsup: for your work Angel !!!



hi hectic, some decorations in the set were in the to do list but it seems like I won’t be able to get that far in the list… will see.


Here I changed the camera angle slightly. Also changed the poses that needed tweaking. no more sync swimmin :wink: Also cahnaged the position of the robot and added some room for some decorations on the top edges of the walls… what do you guys think?


It looks better. Robot looks much better. But the beauty looks uninteractive now. Maybe try to move her tourso forward and turn her hed into the right, so that she listens what the tall guy says…?


I’ll try moving her torso forwards, but I have her looking in the geral area where the traitor will be standing, when I place the guy in the scene might change several things in the composition… I better finish him next.


Yeah, now I see that she is looking at the “traitor”. So I think that her pose fits there, but still you may try to move this tourso. So waiting for the development:)


you mean like sticking out the chest forward, right?


Yap, it would emphasize that she is looking at the traitor, and generaly would make her pose less common:) good luck!


The floor + ceiling could use some decoration like some lines of energy or perhaps some alien symbols, not too apparent, just there but not noticable.


started modeling the son head. FINALY!

I’m using the Queen’s head to start from. Is faster that way.:wink:


jezze dude your crazy still modeling…hows your Light set up…Radiosity enabled??..your render time was very quick…wish mine was cooking along that smoothly…I’d proably still be modeling toO…

Great progress though…I think like others said that some simple room decorations would make a good break to the image…maybe a “meeting table” in the center on the room projecting some kind of holographic planet or something…then have one of the characters pointing at it…would give them a “topic” of discussion…??

just a little suggestion…carry on LW brother//// :thumbsup:


hi essence, I’m not using radiosity for this one… too little time as is :wink:
I’m using 1 main area light and several fill spots and 1 point. I think all the spots are shodow mapped but I can double check for you.

This guy is supposed to be the Queen’s son and he will be in that empty spot in fron of the queen.

I would like to add some red curtains hanging from the ceiling, I think that would be cool and would add more color to the top of the image.

I left this guy for last cause I was a bit uninspired to model the head. Belive it or not I still want to add another character to the scene… on the far left… maybe a tall creature, I think that will balance the image a bit more. If I do that I will not rigg him and just pose him right in modeler and then add him in Photoshop.


Today I took my luch time to make this.
Is a fill character and therefore didn’y need a heck of a lot of detail, as a matter of fact I reused the skirt of one of the other characters, All I have to do is slap a new color texture and it’s done. I’m not sure how it’ll blen with the other characters… will see how it turns out.


here is the head. I think it turned out looking older than I wnated him to be but I have no time to fix it, still too many things to do and besides the face will barely be seen.

I also kinda liked him bald, sort of a Lex Luthor feel to him, but I’m going to try to leave him bald but add a long pony tail on the back of the head which considering the amount of time left might be better than building a wig. What do you guys think?


after looking at the guy here I thought the head was a bit too big and shrank it a bit; I’ll post that as soon as I make the pony tail.