Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Angel Nieves


You’ve probably heard this a milliion times but the cloth on your characters is amazing, great job!


Here are a pic of preliminary poses for these characters.


Great work man. You have a bounty of wonderful alien characters in your entry. Keep up the great work Angel.


That queen son suit is awesome :bounce:
I’d wish my cloth modeling skills were that good.


great work snow. keep up the good work.


Thanks guys for all the C&C! This is just a quick update on what I’m doing at the moment. Posing the queen, shapeing the strands on her back and I also changed the boots of her son, I’ll post that later.


All the characters are great.


dang dude …you should be a cloth fx TD…you are great with it…these characters are very well done…the all are unique…now pull them all together… :thumbsup:


Here is the planet I’ll be using in the background. I probably won’t have any time to make the fleet of ships seen in the concept sketch, too little time left to make those.


Nice planet! Is it 2d or 3d? How’d make that nice planet? Im at lost on making a planet texture :eek:


Thanks tzktime, it is 3d. is nothing fancy really; It is done layering spheres (each one slightly larger in order) with diferent textures, land, then clouds and then an atmosphere sphere with a colored incidence angle gradient and glow activated. There are lots of Lightwave tutorials out there for this. I’m not sure how to go about it in other programs but that’s the general idea. BTW I used “diffuse sharpness” in LW on every texture to get that night/day transition.

This is where I learned the technique from a while back (tutorial dated 2001)


here is another character posed.


Here is the robot rigged and posed.

Only one left is the son which I still need to make the head.


Hey Angel,

Nice rigging on these characters, keep up the good job. Again great characters.:thumbsup:


Looks like youve got some really nice modeling here. Texturing of the clothe is fantastic. Im hoping the overal composition with all these characters will make for a great final pieace. I will check back again when you have new updates.



Here is the bunch together. I still have to drop them in the set and see how this looks inside the environment.


Thanks Mike and SEL! appreciate all the comments:thumbsup:


here is a OpenGL screen grab of the composition so far.


Amazing job. I just don’t like a one small thing here. The beautiful blue/green alien lady has quite similar pose to he standing next to her dude. It doesn’t look good. I would change the pose of the beauty. Maybe move her closer to the queen, as she was talking something directly to the queen… don;t know, but in my opinion her pose is to be changed.


• Look like everything is arranged for…A BIG ALIEN PARTY!! :scream: :smiley: :applause: Composition is coming along very interesting and nicely :thumbsup:

• Go On man! 6 more days!! :bounce: