Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Angel Nieves


Man, your mermaid girl’s looking really good, I can see the small details like the skin pigments and stuff. But our brown friend here seems to be less detailed than mermaid girl! I guess it really depends on how far away brown friend is from the camera. if he’ll be far away then that should suffice very well.

I would suggest putting some bump and specular. I made the mistake of neglecting my specular…

Cheers! Keep up the great work!


Hi Climax! I’m glad you like my work :thumbsup: keetmun, thanks for the c&c. I’ll add some more specular to this guy and see what happens, I applied a velvet shader to get the illusion of very short fur. I’m still not quite sure where he’ll be standing but I dbout he’ll be very close to the camera. I want the queen, her guards and her son to be the main focus. I’m texturing the guard now and I’ll post him soon.


here is the royal guard. I was affraid this one wasn’t going to look very good but I’m actually very happy with the end result. Started to rig him as well.


Here is a quick pose of the royal guard


yup, I’d be intimidated by him allright :smiley:


WOW! this is amazing! all these chars youre building so fast! brilliant. they look great. and the textures are great! everythings great! i REALLY wanna see the end result. keep up the good work.

ps, that aquatic girl looks very good! :slight_smile:


Now that what I call focused view… he has no other choice than to look at the front :smiley:
Very intimidating guard indeed :thumbsup:


Mordalles: thanks man! hopefully I’ll start composing soon.

KennyM and nemirc: :thumbsup: since I was in the rigging mood I also rigged the elephant looking alien, I still need to finish modeling the queen’s son and need to texture the queen’s face as well.


started texturing the queen and the throne. I have just finished her face…


here is another queen texturing update.
Painted the eyes, also added a leafy pattern to the shoulder pads and a decorative pattern to the throne’s side bars. I think I’ll add a pattern to the transparent fabric behind her head a call it done.


Hey Angel,

You are doing a wonderfull job with all your characters, the set where all these characters are to be placed looks very nice too. Looking forward to the final image I am sure it is going to be great.


great entry here
your charechter has realy nice feeling
happy neaw year and wish you the best :thumbsup:


I’ve been watching your progress, and I really love the way you deal with cloth, the folds are very well done. I look foward to seeing your final composition. Good Luck.


thanks guys for all the support! just 2 weeks left:eek: and I haven even started to pose the characters… hell I haven’t even finished modeling the Queen’s son. I think I need a miracle to finish this thing on time; that or a hell of a lot of coffee:D


your characters are amazing… professional work! I hope you will finish on time


Outstanding work on that queen. It’s nice to see your entry taking shape :thumbsup:
Best of luck :beer:


hey thanks guys I haven’t had much to show the last couple of days since I’ve been rigging the queen and was having a bit of a problem with a weight map. I solved the issue last night so I’m hopeing to have a pose to show soon.


Your definantly a fantastic character modeler. Great job. I cannot wait to see your entire entry. Keep at it.


Just wanted to show the facial expressions I came up for this gal.


Finished modeling the legs. I really need to get this guy done, I have put it off way too long.