Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Angel Nieves


Wow, I dunno, but these characters got a pull on me. Yeah, that’s like the essence.
Well, I always been thinking off adding the WEIRD ALIEN THAT is not weird, I am.
He’s supposed to be holdoning the boom mike for the OPERA SINGER, and THIS guy
can take it. (Wait- what am i thinking)/?

my 3d entry


Those characters are really cool, and the cloth modeling is superb :bowdown:
For some reason I kinda liked the “aqua girl” better…

wonders if he will ever be able to model that way

Keep up the good job. I can’t wait to see them textured :arteest:

My entry :deal:


I am still wondering what were you thinking when you added that opera singer :cool:
However, I think that was one of the BEST ideas to ever appear in this contest :applause:


here is an update on the frog alien texturing.


started texturing this one. I’m not sure to leave the eyes black…


yes leave them black, adds some mystery to the character.
I would turn up the specularity a little tho, now they shine like faceted bugs-eyes like flies bees etc, you need a more wet look I think.

cloth texture is as sweet as the modeling, don’t dare comment on that hehe.
keep it up, it’s all looking brilliant.:thumbsup:


thanks for the c&c KennyM, I think I never added the reflective geometry layer to the eyes, maybe that’ll help.


I agree they look better in black… however how do you know where she is looking at :shrug:


ok, vhanged the eyes a bit, they aren’t pure black anymore, she looks more “alive” now, right?

also made some changes to the skin, added more imperfections and more spots on the head.


Yes She looks much better… :wink:


Glad I found your thread… very nice work. This alien is coming along great! Keep at it!:wise:


spot on , I’d say :thumbsup:

good adjustments on the stomach texture too:scream:


thanks guys! and merry Christmas everybody.:thumbsup:


here is an update to the character’s skin.

I’m moving on to the last 2.


Started working on this alien. There is a male and female version of this one. This is the female. I still not decided on what to do in color variation for the male…


Here is the male version.


either give hims some reddish or brownish darkening on the head, lightening to what you have now in the facial area.

male and female colour variationis are usually just some darker details and some additional pattern.


You could make more drastical changes on the body of the characters. For example longer neck for the female, increase the underjaw… you could even make the female bold while the male has long hair :buttrock:

as for the texturing, how about you make those “spots” light brown while the rest of the face is dark brown? I mean, switch the lightbrowns with darkbrowns and viceversa (leaving the front of the neck and the jaw as they are now). Just an idea :deal:

My entry :deal:


Yep, I think I’ll try darkening the top of the head. The female is more pale than the male. Check the female pic, I made her head thinner the flaps are smaller and the neck is longer and slimmer, the hair is longer and the eyebrows are curvy at the top. In general the male is bulkier.


• Hi Angel, this is my first visit to this thread, very nice, you are particulary good modelling clothes, and monsters too :smiley: , Keep working mate, it promise a very interesting image :thumbsup: