Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Angel Nieves


Angel Nieves has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Fnal final

I just color corrected the “elephant” alien guy skin… since I had the time


I have a couple of ideas, time to sketch!


background story

The battle for freedom between the Skaati, leaders of the United Intergalactic Planets institution and the opressive forces of the Katars continues. The Katars always seem to be one step ahead of the Skaati, preventing every attack that would give the United Intergalactic Planets a slight edge over the power hungry Katars; but their odds will soon change, a high level position official with the Skaati has been revealed as a traitor, providing vital tactical information to the enemy.

The queen of the Skaati is deeply saddened when the traitor is brought to her and she finds out that the traitor is her own son! Delegates from various planets witnessed the outrageous event


i wonder what you will make for this one, you can make it best or not, depends on dtails and your 3d art.
looking forward to see how.!:thumbsup:


ok, so my first concept sketch is terrible, it shows the idea but it is really bad, I’m still getting used to the wacom. Hopefully this one shows that I can actually draw :slight_smile:

The first character of 8 or 10 for the final scene.


That character sketch is strong. Very SW EI & EII in design. Kinda reminds me of the characters in pod race for some reason. Looks cool, can’t wait to see more.


Niice character sketch. I can relate to taking some time getting used to an input tablet! But your idea certainly comes across with your “treason” sketch. Looking forward to seeing what you put together!


Love the alien design. It will be an interesting challenge to design a suitable waredrobe to cloth all the figures in the scene, any ideas on what direction you plan to take the wardrobe? Look forward to seeing the rest of the character designs!


thanks for the comments!

well, I do love SW and that might show unconsiously in my designs I guess.

wes3, yes I want to dress them all up and try to get an elegant look to them since they are supposed to be delegates from different systems. My strategy to make this concept work in the amount of time I have is by making just heads and hands for the different characters and maybe design clothing that could be reusable and sort of mix and match pieces to make new garments. Lots of work to be done.


Here is the second character in the series. More to come… hopefuly


here is character #3.


man, those character sketchs are wicked cool. cant wait to see them in 3d!


Thanks for the comments. I have a couple more that I’m inking right now, I’ll try to post them today.


the sketches are great, but I think that your idea is too story based, meaning that its too hard to understand the idea of traitor and his mother thing, I can’t imagine how you are gona do this, but that’s just me!


I know what you mean, Sky_one. I thought that even if you don’t know the story it would work, it would leave the viewer to speculate, and make you think of why is the queen so upset. I think if I come up with good emotions on the characters the image can be very evocative without the viewer be familiar with the story.


here is alien design #4
I’m finishing with 2 more concepts…


here is another one. Inspired by Dorian.


Probably my least favorite so far. Looks too much like an orc. Will see how this one turns out.


nice aliens … i can see a SW influence for sure… the story could be come off well with emotions on the characters … sounds like a good challenge :thumbsup:


i think it will be good to have people coming up with their own opinions on whats happening in the picture.