Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Andrzej Sykut


hello Andrej,

Eww that was disgusting…but it’s great looking…awsome entry. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


and for you too a Happy New Year Azazel :wavey:


Verry cool space pirat and a nice concept as well, lookong forward to the next update:bounce:.

:thumbsup:Happy new year:thumbsup:



hi guy.

im a new member in this site and also a begginer in cg…but to tell u the truth ur work is great…nice character designing and modeling… but that would be better if u worked on its textures it will look better.


i like the concept sketch, but i miss the old school guns… maybe make a hand of frying pan as a gun, or something!!!



Modelled the background ship. More details will come from textures, and, it’ll be behind some fog :wink:

#107 :thumbsup:
patina: no no, rigging him would be a nightmare - posing in wings was easier :wink:
mr_carl: thanks :slight_smile:
shiela_G: wait for the textures, there will be some slimey things :wink:
Lemog: Thanks :slight_smile:
living_for_cg: don’t worry, textures will come, but i have to finish modelling first.
kengi: ok, gun will be somewhere on the image :wink: besides it wouldn ot be wasted anyway :thumbsup:


hey azazel happpy new year and wish you the best …
nice ship…:thumbsup:


wow extraordinary work!!:thumbsup:


Andrzej…I like this guy…very well done.A real fun and interesting look…He can join my Scalawag clan anytime…They can pillage,plunder,skirt chase,treasure hunt,drink tons of rum together anytime…Again nice and creative design,I like the proportions and look very much…:arteest:


I like you work! Nice features your character keep it up :thumbsup:
I love eggs! yummmmmmmm:bounce:


It’s not

“Grand Egg Opera”



Uff, almost everything is modelled and uv’ed now. Tentacles on the concept are just a background-filler, but i decided to have more of a tentacle action going on…

Edit: Thanks guys :thumbsup:


Simple and nice…
but eyes not go directly to the guy ! ! ! !..:shrug:


Yes, i see that. I would not so much move things around now as light it to make the guy main point. Thanks :slight_smile:


HI there Andrzej, nice to see you in action. Very nice idea. And what about some fire place? he must scrumble these eggs somewhere:) And what do you want to put in a very background?


Hi there Andrzej!
Good to see Your back! Nice idea here, like it alot :thumbsup: Oh and cool eggs, look like jars of jam :slight_smile: (joke) Keep it up ohh and maybe some more dof…


I know i should texture first, than light… but lighting is so damn fun, I couldn’t resist. I’m quite happy with the result, but still have to solve the problem of lighting his face - now it’s too dark. Come to think of it, the pipe may be helpful :). There’s also some very simple post - painting some shadows, as they will be rendered separately, bit of blur on the horizon, some vignettes and little of levels.

Edit: yes, fire will come - that’s where that orange light comes from. Slight dof is already present.

Just saw it on a crt monitor, heck, it looks 2 x better on my lcd… sharper, brighter, more vivid… :hmm:


yap, lighting is fun, but only when you get so great results. With the face I think that the pipe is a great solution. Only make it a little bit bigger, add some gantly smoke and it will rock.


and then you should change a little bit his face, so that he would inhale in this moment, and then the light in the pipe is the brightests… hope that you got me, because I’m not sure if I get my words after reading them second time:)