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Andrew Otis has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Texturing: shiptexture

well its been awhile since i last posted, but here is my ship textured. I hope you like it.


This is of course my rough. There are still some details that I need to iron out, and possibly shift some of the elements in the picture.


This will probably be blurry like my first concept, but anyway here’s the concept for the ship in the forground. If you can see it in the main composition


Here’s the finished base of the fighter concept. I will go in and add more detail to the model before i start texturing. tell me what you think.


here is, in case you couldn’t tell, the back of the model.


Bear in mind the model below is maybe 50% finished.


Here is my updated model


There are a few more things that i want to do before i start texturing, but here is an updated render.


Any suggestions are welcome


Any ideas on what could be changed


I thing the overall model is looking really nice. I do think the front of the craft has a much nicer feel then the view from behind. With the foreshortening that takes place when you match it up with your composition, the engines kind of take over and they look a little “boxy” compared to the sleak shapes of the rest of the body. Maybe you could adapt some of the sloped surfaces into the outer casing of the engines?

Of course, you could always tweak the angle of the craft in your final compostions to show of a better angle. Just some thoughts.

Great work!



Your model is coming along great, it looks like someone important is to pilot this craft . Thats just the impression I get . Do you have a story line worked out. Good job so far.
My space opera entry


Nice craft.
Watching your progress, but I would personally go easy on polygon count here, esp’ if you run into needing 50 similar objects.


This ship will be right in the forground of the image, which is why its poly count is so high. This model also has the meshsmooth iterations cranked up on it. The low poly version is about a third the weight of the high poly version


This is the base that the ship in the forground is flying to. the model I am going to build will be fairly low poly because this object will be way in the background


Wow, very nice job on the “greeblies” around the engine. That is the way to do it, and is exactly how we used to do it with real model parts. Hence the term “greeblies” (originally coined from Star Wars model shop pioneers: Grant McCune, John Erland, Lorne Peterson, Dave Beasley, David Grell, Steve Gawley, Paul Huston, Dave Jones, Joe Johnston, and Jim Malish.) But which one actually started the term - I don’t know for sure.

In any case, your doing an excellent job. Very cool looking ship.


Great modelling… coming together fast. The ship looks really speedy.

How are you planning to use colour with the ship and the rest of the image? Will the surface be reflective?

Best of luck.


I put more detail in this than I should have (because this object will be furthest from the camera). I figured it would be best to stay as true to my concepts as possible, without over-doing it as much as possible.


well its been awhile since i last posted, but here is my ship textured. I hope you like it.


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