Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Andres Santiago Paredes de la Torre


I am a little late, I have to do a lot of things, hope the next week I can restart the work.


this is a small update, i only placed the attackers and add a corridor ( i have to texturise it).
I will add in the center of the image an pair off asteroids and the ships will destroy them.

I am working in the composition too.

Sorry about the delay, you know the holydays keep me busy for a long time, but finaly I\'m back.


I have problems with my computer, becouse it can´t make the render, you know it is not a expensive computer and the lumbs are too heavy so i have to take this very sad decition, i have to take away the lumbs from the scene. I hope i will get a better computer for the next challenge.


this are the lines i use to disign my image.


I add the explotions, i think they look good. i like it.


Hi, I am working in the final detaiis, you know placing the elements in the right place, I add some explotions, ateroids and starship figthing agains them. I have to finish the lights, the lasers from the attackers and place the mirror. I am having a little of problems making a real lasser can anyone give me a hand.


Looking good. The effects will definantly add an additional level of depth to this piece. Good work. Keep it up!


this is a laser i obtain playing whit the noise, density and color.


This is only a small test.


Ok, this is all. I am very glad becouse I learn a lot in this contest but at the same time I am a little sad becouse I cant render my last image whit all the stuffs I want. I need to get a better computer and maybe in the next contest I will obtain better results.


Ok guys, this has been an explendit adventure, I want to say tanks to all of you for your help and talent. I am very glad to see so many creativity in this challege, and I am eager to learn more for the contest. So CONGRATULATIONS, for all the efforts you have done and GOOD LUCK in the final results. :thumbsup:


that’s a name, wow - Andres Santiago Paredes de la Torre - sounds like a planet full of the most beautiful flowers :slight_smile:

oh - nice pic - wish you the best


Not until now I found this thread! Really cool final image - reminds me some of Klee, very nice work! Congrats and good luck for the voting :thumbsup:


Congrats on your finish- I like your explosions!

My 3d gso entry


Good work:) , although was favourite greater detail and atmosphere.:wink: Good luck.

Buen trabajo, aunque hubiera preferido mayor detalle y mejor ambiente. Buena suerte:thumbsup:


Maxter: I would like my computuer could achieve more detail, but that was imposible, this is no excuse, but i have to take so many detail of so i can make the final image. Sorry maybe for the next contest i will get a better computer.


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