Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Andres Santiago Paredes de la Torre


What about this one?


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heh, both are good, so I advice to set the settings in betwean them:)


I change the texture of this tower.


Ok, now that i have practice a little my english and i have bought a good dictionary, I will send some Storylines telling what is happening in my image.
I was I little tired only sending 3d, so this will be very simple, I made this in Photoshop, Its a kind of collage. So i hope you like this.

Storyline 1: Sorta a peacefull planet.

This is Sorta, a planet that lived a lot of time in peace, they were very inteligent and his tecnology was amazing.


Storyline 2: Ceuralex the comet.

The people of Sorta has a lot of knowledge about astrology, and one day a scientis discover that a huge, very huge comet was coming to Sorta’s orbit, they called this comet Ceuralex. The population were worried about the colition, but this happened tree years after the scientist discovered the comet.


Storyline 3: The making of the city-ship Sorta.

So… The comet was to big to destroy, and the comunity decided to create this huge city. A city with all the necesary to survive for 8 generations and fly away from this dying planet. The only problem was that not all the inhabitant could make this trip.


Storyline 4: Ceuralex destroys Sorta.

All the inhabitants were witnesses of the incredible colition, now the only hope to survive is to find a new planet or moon whit the apropiated conditions for living. This will take a lot of time, so the sorteans have to take advantage of all resources they have.


Great! Wonderful way to show your story! I’m really like it and wait for more:twisted:


Storyline 5: The Red Planet, a new hope.

It has been 8 generations since Sorta City-ship leave the orbit of the lost planet. Now this people is dying, there are only a few left.

But in the colosal ocean of space, I new hope is rising, a red planes have been seen, there is still a little bit of fuel to achieve this goal, but the only problem it that tho hole city must go across an asteroid ring.


Storyline 6: The figth against the asteroids.

This is their last chance…, they will use all their skills, resources and faith on those battle starships. They will destroy a lot of asteroids to prevent Sorta City-ship colapses, and aloud it to land in this new planet.


This last storyline it’s what i want to show, The epic moment when the ships destroys the asteroids and protect the city.


Muchas gracias por escribir en mi apartado. Aunque debo mencionarte que tal y como dicen las descripciones de mis imagenes, todavia faltan algunos heroes (o soldados), tal vez sea eso a lo que te refieres en tu nota. Suguiero que leas las descripciones de las imagenes.

De cualquier forma, gracias por haber visitado mi apartado.

Miguel Salinas


This is a simple concept scketh from my attacker starship.


I started to made the attacker starship.


This is a first mase modeling of the attacker ship, I will work in the details.


good job!I think it needs more details then when assigning material the work shows itself.
Hope to see the finished work.:wink:


lol i like your style for your pic…would make for very interesting game graphics… and is making a unique look for your challenge… GJ keep it up


A little more details.


Hi Andres!
Thats one fancy attacker :slight_smile: Nice detail on the grill, lots of guns :bounce: Dunno if it isnt to much…
Anyways, what are You going to place in the front behind the glass? Pilot of some kind?