Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Andres Santiago Paredes de la Torre


Great work, Snake. Thanks for your comment about organic ships, it was a very good point and I will keep it in mind for ships which are close to my camera.

I’m looking forward to seeing more of your progress!



the tower ship looks great, good texturing there

the other ship (dunno its name) the grey metal textures look sweet, but the orange areas aren’t selling me - I can’t put my finger on it. It looks more clay or brick, I think a spec map could help it.


Looking real good Andres…Quite a bit of work,and well done.I like your efforts…Keep at it hard,my favorite is the tower ship too.I wish you the best,take care for now…:arteest:


Hmm…the modelling looks great, very solid and believable. I would suggest making the texture maps more dirty or damaged, makes the model more believable. Keep going!


PS You should put your challenge link under your signature, so next time people can go to it, without having you to retype the link everytime you post!


Hey this is a very nice idea i like it

models so far are very good and i like texturing :thumbsup:

can’t wait to see more :bounce:


I like your styled concept. :slight_smile:
I just have one question about your ship: Where’s the front ? :blush:

Bye And Good Luck.


the models looks great…i’m pretty sure others have commented on it but ill just say it anyway, would love to see the ships a lil bit…dirty perhaps? rather than an all-out clean looking model. well thats my opinion anyways


Muy bien. Has considerado poner una luz en la boca de los propulsores para que se vean un poco mas brillantes?, tal vez añadir un poco de brillo…

Looking good. Have you considered placing a point light on the thrusters to make them pop more? Maybe even a glow.


Hi everyone and tanks for your coments.

BEBETE LANUITE : I don’t know if you are refering to the ship or the towers, anyway, the front part of the explorer ship is the one where the numbers are. And the towers… they dont have a front part, becouse they are part of a big city, so they can move anywhere they need. The towers never fly alone, those i am showing are only render test, in the final image all the tower are join by ducts, and they move together.

FARIDZ7 : Yes many times, I am working in the dirty surfaces, maybe in my next update you will see the new texture I am working. Thanks for the advice.

Snows: Very good idea, thanks I will consider that in my next update.


Sorry for the delay. I have a problem with my computer, so I taked it to the shop to fix it.

Now I am working again, this is a test for the lumbs, I think I have a problem becouse those trees are from the 3Dstudio program, so I have to make my onw trees, this is only a test to show the idea.


Hi there! Nice to see you back. I like the update, but I have two suggestions… one is hte glow from engines, I don’t like it to be honest, check this out: here there is a nice and quite realistic and easy glow effect. You can mix this idea with yours, and I think it would be even better. The second remark would be about the color of the station… I would rather go with more silver one. but this is only my opinion.
Keep the good work rollin’ I’m waiting for more:twisted:


I am liking your concept for the vessels.
I have the same concerns about the engine glow as Arturro. They seem flat and dull right know. It will be intersting to see this after some tweeks.
Keep it up.


Hi. Another test tower.


Yap, this one looks much, much better:thumbsup: Maybe only increase the speculars, so that more light would shine on it. And make some tests with this glow… And well… I have a feeling that it will be great work! Don’t let me down:twisted:


Arturro: Your advice came just on time, I wasn’t happy whit the flames, and I was looking for some tutorials, so tank you very much becouse you save me some time.


Nice to see the space garden. After 8 generations in
space you could use a cemetary too! Or am I nuts?
some asteroid holes and wear and tear and errosion from
constant bombardment by space dust and tiny asteroids that
otherwise would have been stopped by Earth’s atmosphere.
Like chipping away paint.
my 3d entry


This is a new model I have done, I didn’t like the firt earth, so a made this one too, I add a Cloud layer and a glow efect, an spot light whit a very hi multipler is down.


Nice earth man but I think the glow have to be blue or somthn may be from with inside and blue outside you know :slight_smile: however nice works on your project Good Luck in the challenge :thumbsup:


i agree with Divaise, otherwise nice texturing! keep up Snake:thumbsup:


Thanks divaise and uwil: This is my earth update with a blue glow.