Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Andres Santiago Paredes de la Torre


To Nomand:

Tanks for the advice, I will iluminate the buildings, that will be interesting. About the rusty sad thing, man… they are dying!! they have no time to celebrate or nothing like that, they have been floting in the space by 8 generations and have no recurses leff… They are working now the reach their only hope. that I can show.

Thanks a lot, you gave me a good advice.

Snake Farlow. The rogue.


Thanks Scootermaya

About the light of the planet you are absolutly right, I will change the lustre. About the rust, I may no oxigen, but the oxigen is not the only agent that cause the rust. And considering that has been many time in the space, i think it could be rust superfices.

Thanks a lot, for your coment.

Snake Farlow. The rogue.


solo una cosa, ¿has probado ha rendear una prueba a la resolucion que hay q presentar el render final?, Yo lo hice y asusta la resolucion q hay que ponerle a los shaders para que no se vean fallos.
Y bueno creo que le falta la intencion de luz que ahora no hay un punto claro que se a el master de las sombras y que el aspecto de los shaders es muy parecido.

Haz una prueba quita la luz que tienes desde la camara. Le convendria mas un sol rasante desde la izquierda y la de contra que es el planeta. Con una ambiente tenua ganara volumen.

La luz es la forma de realzar los volumenes y ahora se te esta quedando plano mas bien investiga ahi.

un saludo,



Your entry is coming along nicely. I didn’t catch the story, but it seems like people are living in outer space now right? Does that mean that the Earth can no longer hold people? If so, I think it would be cool to have the earth in the background look dead. So, these cities in outer space have to constantly be reminded of the dead earth behind them.

Some minor things to consider: The perspective is a bit too tight. I feel like the earth and the ships are all too close together, maybe some type of atmospheric distortion (even though there isn’t atmospher in space) , but just making thing less saturated as they go back would give this effect. Your textures are looking nice, so I’d stick with the plan on that, but maybe add lights here and there. Lastly, it needs something to give us a sense of scale. Can’t really tell how big things are.

Ok, hope some of that helps make your entry a super success! peace out!


Hi. Hiespike. Thank to enter my forum.

The story tell that they left their planet many time ago, and now they are looking for a new planet, i decided that that planet would be the earth, becouse imagine what will happen one day when you look at the sky and see a lot of those tower coming into your planet. You are right about the perspective, I am still looking for an apropiate camera. About the scale, you can see some trees inside one of the towers in the first plane. I don´t add lights yet, and the starships fliying among the city will reforce the scale of the towers.

Your coment has help me a lot. Thanks.

Snake Farlow. The rogue.


Hey hey, i’m liking your modeling!! I don’t know if you are using a background image or if you modeled the Earth, if you are using a background image, i think that you should choose a diferent one, that allows you to illuminate the scene in a better way in order to match your light with the one in the image.

If you are using a model, better, this way you can illuminate the scene with no problems. I know that at this time you are only rendering just to show your models, but in the future, choose very well the light direction for you to take the maximum advantage of you scene.

Keep on Andres!!:thumbsup:


This is my first spaceship.


I made a test of the ship whit this material, I like it very much.

Snake Farlow. The rogue.


Could someone tell me something of my starships please?
Thank you very much.

Snak Farlow. The rogue.


Hey Snakefarlow, looking cool! I like the colors, maybe you could have some more details that help to understand the function of those starships. Are they battleships, explorers…?

Keep working.


The stuff you do is simple but has some solid design quality in them. The color scheme is quite nice, but maybe you can consider having some lighter bits as well just to define the shape a bit more, because at the moment it seems a little bit dark, just a little :). Good job overall :thumbsup:


Hi Claudio. thank for your coments, This is an explorer starship, you know as they are arriving to a new planet this ships will be the first landing, and exploring the conditions of live.

I will send some drawing telling the hole history. and the I will suport it with some text. That will errase all your doubts.

I am a little tired about modeling, so I will take a brake and start making this story bords.

Snake Farlow. The rogue.


Hi hhssuu. I will consider your sugestion. I will send an image with some lights.

Snake Farlow.


Hi. hope this helps to understand the volumetry


Take a looks, this may helps.


Thanks for topic SnakeFarlow. Hey your idea look good too, it’s not just one ship but a really huge city space, that’s great. I lke shape of your towers.

David. :thumbsup:


These are the mirrors that will focalize the light into the lumbs.


Hola Andres,
Yo estudio 3d en la USFQ. Me agrada tu trabajo, tienes un buen sentido de espacio, me gustaria ver los wires de algunas de esas naves.
Seria bueno mantener el contacto, porque normalmente tengo mucho trabajo que hacer y contrato modeladores, y la verdad es que no hay muchos buenos por aca. Que programa usas?

Saludos y buena suerte con tu proyecto de GSO va bien…

Andres “theSuit”


This is an temporal or maybe a final test of the residential tower.


Residential Tower, Another test