Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Andres Santiago Paredes de la Torre



Sorta is a city thas is looking for a planet. So most of the time the citie is floating, but when they find something spacial, they turn on the flames and start flying. Think about a ship in the ocen whit no fuel, and it is looking for land, part of the time this ship only floats in the sea becose the capitan doesnt want to waste the fuel, but finaly he could sea a land, the he turn on the engine and raise the speed to reach the only hope he has seen in many months.
This idea is the same, only I havent make an sckech with all the elements together.

Thank for the advice.

Snake Farlow. The rogue.


Hola que tal.

Acertaste al respecto del español. La verdad es que me sirvió mucho tu consejo. La idea conceptual no la he podido desarrollar en ingles, pero te la contaré a ti en español y me dices que tal. Sorta era una ciudad muy desarrollada de un planteta lejano, el cual se vio amenazada por la llegada de un gigantesco cometa. Debido a sus conocimientos ellos pudieron predecir la fecha del impacto y tuvieron suficiente tiempo para construir una ciudad flotante que sería la encargada de transportarlos a un nuevo planeta con condiciones de vida. Su planeta fue devastado por el impacto y la perdida de gravedad de dicho plante ocacionó que todo el sistema de orbitas colapse. Por lo que Sorta se vio sumergido en un gigantesco viaje sumergido en la oscuridad, debido a que su fuente de luz más cercana se destruyó. Ahora muchas generaciones han sobrevivido a la deriva. Finalmente lograron divisar lo que parece ser un planta apto para utilizar todos sus recursos faltantes, consumir toda la reserva de conbustible y iniciar una nueva colonización.

Este es precisamente el momento épico al que te refieres el cual todavía no he podido explicar, y que en poco tiempo planeo presentarlo gráficamente a manera de borrador.

Muchas gracias, en poco tiempo te dare mis comentarios acerca de tu proyecto.

Snake Farlow. The rogue.

Pd: De que país eres?


Que fue loco!
Tu historia se ve bien bacan. Debes encontrar la manera de representar ese momento en una sola imagen. Tienes muchas opciones, puedes mostrar al asteroide chocandose, la ciudad llegando al planeta, o los nuevos colonizadores llegando a tierra…Pero la idea ya la tienes hecha!

Your story looks great! You have to find the way to represent your story in one single image. Youve got lots of potions: You may show the asteroid crashing on earth, or the space city arriving to the new planet, or humans landing on the planet…The thing is that your idea is made!


Soy español.
La idea tiena buena pinta, considera q cuanto mas epico sea, “mejor” acojido resultara.

the idea looks great, you think about, that more epic concept, feeling better .


the towers look great, awesome - keep it up!

nice modelling!!


I was thinking about how the people in this city I’m creating could breathe:sad: . They wont survive a day if they dont figure a way to generate oxigen. So I decided to create this huge lumb that generate suficient oxigen for the city. It consist in a big structure with plataforms in diferens levels that holds forest. All the CO2 that is produced by the city is send to this structure, then the trees make his job and return the oxigen. Is like a ecosistem that works with the aid of tecnology.

I will send a first modeling of these lumbs in six hours.

I hope you enjoy it.

Snake Farlow. The rogue.


nice modeling! ur models looks really fucntional… i like the style… over all nice job… i’ll b back for more updates… so keep up the great works :thumbsup:


These are the lumbs I am working, I dont know if is a cool idea so I am waiting for any comment.
Inside in the plataforms will be the forest to get back the precius oxigen.

Make your shoots.

Snake Farlow. The rogue.


I am looking for a good angle. Obviosly this one is not a recomended one.


I think a forced perspective is always something to look into Andres…A camera angle with a slight upwards tilt in this case…Possibly skewed to just off center,angled to one side of your choice…Sometimes just getting a portion of certain models can work too,just giving the viewers a glimpse of more to the sides…conveying more size and giving you more of a grand feel…Ok,looking good,just keeping playing with those views,they can be trickey,but sooner than later it will fit…I’ll see you for now…Good luck…:arteest:


Please guys, I need some advices or criticts about the lumbs. :scream:

Thank you.

Snake Farlow. The rogue.


May be this shoot it better. I add an sphere back there to simulate a planet.

I will add more towers and the mirrors.


Hello SnakeFarlow, here I am, as you asked! :slight_smile:

I’ve read your concept, and I must say I like it very much.

However, looking at your great modeling work, I imagine the all scene a little diferent:

I would put the camera in the ground of the planet which the city chosse to “land”, pointing up to the sky, watching the city lands".

I don’t know what kind of planet it should be, that’s your job, :slight_smile: but I imagine it inhabited by some creatures trying to hide or running away from those BIG “things” coming down from the sky.

Sorry if my suggestion is not so helpful, but that’s how I imagine it.

Best luck :thumbsup:


Hi there! Nice stuff, I like the lumbs, but I would make them a little bit smaller, but much more of them around. As far as the scene composition is concerned, I like your last picture. I would only add much more ships and cities, also in the background. So that it look like a real massive and grand migration or journey…
Good luck! I will be watching you:)


Hi there


What do you think about the colors, and the reality, it looks ok?


Hi there. I am waiting for some coments, please I really apreciate your critics.

Snake Farlow. The rogue



Nice idea but you have to improve this “rusty sad look”, if thers people inside you have to show it and light all this with some nice spots. You can add vegetation, entertainment areas, etc.
For the planet and the starfield Im sending you here: []( youll can find few tutorials made by Greg Martin which helps a lot.

Keep the hard work :thumbsup:


Hello !

I like very much the ambiance and the modeling.
I agree with Nomad for the rust… exept, in space, no oxygen = no rust !
For the planet, it seems a bit clear or illuminated to me, I suggest just a little less luminosity on it, but a slight glow on the surface should be nice…
see your tread soon !


Hey I decided to put the lumb in a firt plane, so it shows the forests inside. Beside I insert the mirrors in the scen and i think is geting better.

Snake Farlow. The rogue.