Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Andres Santiago Paredes de la Torre


Andres Santiago Paredes de la Torre has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Ok, this is all. I am very glad becouse I learn a lot in this contest but at the same time I am a little sad becouse I cant render my last image whit all the stuffs I want. I need to get a better computer and maybe in the next contest I will obtain better results.


This is Sorta the city with no land or sun.


This is my first test of one of the towers.


Good, but you should work a little more on your concept, at the moment there isnt really much happening, just floating spaceships.

Add a bit more difference to the image, different styles of ships etc, an expansive background, some focal point.

Keep working at it.



Another tower.


Considering Sorta has nos sun, or any source of light other than the stars, these mirror objetive is to reflect and concentrate the distan light from the srars.


Que fue! (Hello)

Nice modeling, and creative idea for the towers. I agree that there is no structure according to composition, no background. Maibe you could include a planet or other ships in space…


Que fue?

Muchas gracias por el consejo, aunque en realidad estoy trabajando cada elemento por separado, primero trabajo la ciudad como tal sin fondo, luego pondre las naves con cierta variedad y por ultimo los espejos y las personas.
Tambien vivo en Quito, estudio arquitectura en la universidad catolica, seria bakan conocernos e intercambiar concimientos.


This is a residential tower.


This is the way I\'m working. I hope a finish all the towers this weekend.


This is an auxiliar tower, only to fill empty spaces.


Looks great! its getting very complex but could have a little more detail on the modeling!

Yo estudio animacion en la U San Francisco, aunque mis conocimientos de 3D van al lightwave. chevere contaras algo mas de ti vos


You models are coming along fine and I liked your initial sketch. I am thinking this could be floating cities traveling in space looking for a home planet. You could have the floating city approaching a planet( very large in the scene) and this is the home they have been looking for. They have been living this nomadic life for 10 generations so at this moment in time their search is over. Just a thought that came to my mind seeing your sketch.
Keep up the good work.
My GSO entry


Another residential tower, I think I will need anoter 3 tower to finish the city and start creating the starships.


This is my first modeling test with all the towers i have done. I need to fill some spaces, and start doing the details.


The models looks cool , and your concept is interesting , lets wait for the details in those models

Keep the hard work , ill keep an eye in your thread :thumbsup:


Tanks for the advice.:bounce:

I am working all the elements apart. I will firt finish the towers, then I will create the starships, then the mirrors, and finaly a background, maybe a planet. I really like and apreciate your work, you are in a good path. I wold need some held. Could you please explain me what exactly you mean with “expansive background”, it sound very interesting but I did not get it, becouse of my english.

Thank you again.

Snake Farlow. The rogue.


so what is happening within the scene? Looks good as far as BEFORE the “epic” event, but what IS the epic event?


Primero gracias por tu comentario en mi foro.
Segundo como veo q dices q te manejas poco en ingles, te contesto en español. Espero q te manejes mejor.
Me gusta tu composicion, y coincido con uno que te dice q el inconveniente de la imagen con respecto a las bases del concurso es que le falta el “toque” epico, es decir, que pase “algo” en la escena trascendente para la historia galactica, algo q cambia el rumbo de la historia.
Tu ya tienes la base. ahora te falta el gesto epico, algo tan simple como la llegada de un crucero interestelar de una raza desconocida o un ataque alienigena o simplemente una flota de cazas al fondo poniendo cerco a la base que tienes construida. Sencillo y le dara a la vez espectacularidad.

Con respecto al 3d yo le daria mas detalle a las piezas, si miras en mi foro yo habia hecho un caza, ( de tamaño diminuto) al meterle detalle y cambiarle el morro y añadirle detalles ( hacer paneles modelados en las paredes) de repente crece de tamaño visual,… es decir los detalles pequeños hacen que los objetos parezcan grandes.

Y por ultimo solo decir que no te bases unicamente en las mismas estructuras repetidas para construir, utiliza algun elemento diferente, o quizas los detalles diferentes hagan que las diferentes torres se vean diferentes, en los diferentes posts, hay muchas lineas de inspiracion.

Suerte tienes una buena base ahora solo es trabajo. Espero verte dandome consejo de mi trabajo y yo hare lo mismo en el tuyo.

Un saludo.


nice idea and cool models

it would look cool if you had a part of an atmosphere in the lower background!

Are these things flying up or just floating?
If they’re just floating in the mid air… these things would be a massive waste of energy with the afterburners turned on 27/7 :wink: j/k

keep it up!