Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Anders Ehrenborg


hide-n-seek…yet another excellent idea to past the time! hmmm…

back to work now. see you guys…maybe…a…light years away???:shrug:
anyway, i should vote first before that! where the heck is that button?
good luck. Mr.Anders (smith’s voice, we’ll miss you.)

baby, unforgetable entry btw!:scream: it’ll be best if you two team-up on the next challenge…(…god save us all!) BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHARHARHAR

p.s. “pfff!”


hahaha crazy girl or what? :smiley: judging by your location u move alot to? :slight_smile:
it would be great to join the next challenge with baby, but teams are not aloved.
and btw, i hope u’ll join everyone when the next one is announced, would love to see some work from u after all this talk! wanna know what’s in that brain of yours, crazy girl :wink:

thanks, and cheers! pfff! :slight_smile:


internal message.

thxx to m@ for this very interesting and informative cgaytalk message.


wahahahaha I just shat myself hahahahahahahahahahah


pas mal !!



as it seems there is a party gooing on in here … just wanted to congrat fellah-tio to his great entry, but now I perhaps better take a drink and watch what happenes.

couldnt find the answere to fellahs request to get a girl till the end of the challenge … now the challenge is over … any confessions yet?


WAAAAHAAAAAHAAAAHAA! :smiley: LOTR will never be the same again :smiley:


internal message.

:applause: Wonderful!!

This thread is continually fun - keep it up, guys!


You have my vote.

Even if Flying Pig is a Flying Pig no more.




:applause: :applause: i just cant stop laughing,you @#$$%^$&^%^&%^ … :smiley: :smiley:


WAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…u got that right …hahahahahahahah…
Oh SAM…hahahahahha
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


the image is cathcy in the voting area but the humour and the spirit of char. got some pixar tendency! they should see this.:thumbsup:hehe,naughty frodo.


@BABY: muahahahahahahaha,probably the funniest thing i have seen on this thread.keep up the hard work…hahahahahha


All I can say is… TOP STUFF!!


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