Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Anders Ehrenborg


:arteest:ila,u mean white with some red heart marks on it?:drool:


ohh yess … really something unique and so cool :applause: and the final image is really wonderful… congrats for your work fellah :thumbsup:



No no no, Slight pink with a rainbow pride flag!


:eek: :eek: how the #*&%$ did you found that link?
lucky lucky for me that i’ve not seen you long enough,mmmm… maybe less than 5 minutes,o thanks god for saving me:shrug:
:beer::smiley: :wink:


for the link.

I just ordered 2.

on to put at my window, and the other one to in Sweden !


fellah: don’t worry it’s optional. now go drink until your visions go blur. CELEBRATE!

hahahaha baby…you mean c stands for creative (gays)??? lol

ila: your spending much of your time surfing…makes you unimaginative…see it perverse you right brain.:rolleyes:


Your style is the type of work I would love to see animated. Glad to see something in total contrast to the rest of the challenges.


Well, thanx to google that I can find anything I want in no time! … and to your knowledge, I just browse two things in the net:

  1. fellah’s thread
  2. 'The great archive of disturbing illustration’ … or simply (sick I am, muhahahahah)



noooo not you too! shit what is this thread doing to ppl!! :argh:

8-days left to catch, or you’ll have to sleep in the forest :applause:

|) |V| |^|, userBrian, kmest, jddog, shiela, rook
thanks alot for your inputs!


tonight I’ll catch m@ !!!

maybe it’s not a proof I’m not gay…:rolleyes:


tonight I’ll catch m@

maybe it’s not a good proof I’m not gay…:rolleyes:


/hides and locks himself from baby


in “inputs” you have “in” !!!


LOL!! catch m@! :applause:
so maybe u will be satisfied after tonight!! thank god :smiley:


Fellah , when i think how excellent modeler you were before you met those bananas , i think it’s a shame…


yep :confused: now fellah is a supercifial devergondé gayish guy … no more the talentuous innocent genius boy he was…

fellah : no way! :eek:


Fellah the cgtalk invisible guy is as gay as a brick.


Gay is ok !


wouldn’t really have thought that a “brick but” was that gay :eek:



ahahaha! that pic can never go wrong! :smiley:

yes to much jokes, nothing gets done… but atleast I’m having fun :smiley:

I feel so sorry for your ‘appartement’… :sad: