Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Anders Ehrenborg


Surely we decided to keep my alley entirely out of all future discussions :smiley:


perhaps better, some things are better left unexplored :scream:


and I say :



MWAAHAAhaahaaaah! sigh

rrrr… think I broke a rib now


subtelty at its best :smiley:

fellah : nice final. I’m missing bananas and ugly duck there, though :frowning:


ha hahahaaa hahahahaaaaa haaaaaaaa
coool fellah coollll :applause:


cool , but gay !!! oooopss! byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


first of thanks everyone for your congatulations and nice words!! :slight_smile:

all this gay-talk started of as a joke… but, in your case I’m unsure if it’s still a joke?
if you don’t prove to me your not gay before you come to sweden, I’m not sure I wanna let you sleep here.

so, your test is:
catch a girl. (2 weeks remains)

m@, LOL!!! :smiley:


Weee, thanx Jim, … copy … paste … Done!


LOL! …I…cant…stop…laughing…[cough.cough]…heeeeh!


LOL!!! :smiley: …i don’t think he will pass this one…but life is full of SUPPLIESES …:scream::scream:



it has never been a joke for moi !!! :love:


it is = cgtalk…alright.LOL

fellah[color=white]: well, it’s already done. congratulations. i’d say it’s really cool/unique, since almost of the entrants yields the same concepts. cheers to you. i just miss the monkey and the special chair. anyway, you can put it back after the challenge for our wallpapers of course. and you can add something like: [/color]
[color=white]boiling steam, [/color]
[color=white]tea bags, [/color]
[color=white]tea cups, [/color]
a shooting star,
[color=white]light bulbs,[/color]
[color=white]curtain rings, [/color]
[color=white]slight reflections, [/color]
[color=white]rotating chairs,[/color]
[color=white]monkey key chains,[/color]
bug and his comrades,
picture of you and baby on the moon?:smiley:
annoying banana bust,
hologram showing France in danger,
old television,
candy jars,
necklace for the monster,
little/big craters,
and don’t forget the Bananas hanging just beside your camera…no blur pls. small list actually. wish you luck!:thumbsup:


Congratulations for most different and original subbmition imo this is great!! jag ar mkt imponerad av din fantasi helt suverant!



Forgot to mention ‘Hanging pinky wet (washed!) panties’ ? :wink:


it is = cgtalk…alright.LOL


ho shit I just realize after 3 years it was not


why do u give me this list AFTER the challenge??! ahahaha!! :smiley: I will save the list and if i go back later i will implement a few of them, thanks for everything :slight_smile:

tack so much :slight_smile:

pervert iranians :rolleyes:
(good idea btw)

thanks eveyone else!


congradulations on finishing in fine fashion fellah. A great cartoonist and 3D artist you are. Yoda I am not… Keep at it man and gl in the final round.


Great piece! I like the concept, especially the bannana monster coming
out of the hole! Nice touch! Hurry! Close those shower curtains! Excellent!

my 3d gso entry


:beer:good guess,how did you notice?
much to learn you still have(yoda to duku:bounce: )