Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Anders Ehrenborg


Congrats on finishing - it turned out really cool. Well done!


hey - that’s a really nice style! i looove it. one of the 10 best pics for me in this contest. i love the smelling-tree (wunderbaum?) and the heart-curtains in front of the big window :slight_smile:


I adore your picture… good funny style… :thumbsup: good luck banana :scream:


Just wanted to say, that work yo do is really cool and great!

Don’t you think to continue with this concept to animated short or something.

All the best,


Opps! … I’m stupid, … missing the Banana is a deadly sin, fellah shall drink a glass of very Hot Beer for punishment, without any candy, and shall write this sentence 1000 times: “jag vet vart din brevlåda bor”.


Mwaaahaa! That’s a good one! :smiley:

Add this to your vocabulary too:

“Jag säger bara tre saker: pa ssa dig!”


“Akta, annars jag spelar bänkpress på dig!”


“Ge mig en stor kraftig, men plötsligt”


You have definately got your own style there! nice picture :thumbsup: and good luck to you dude!


you people speaks pretty well…

the only one Fellah taugh me, is

“hello” = “suk min cuk”

but each time I try to be polite, I get a punch in the face…maybe I don’t pronounce it the right way…


sounds like you’ve been going into the wrong bars :smiley:


Considering the actual translation of that phrase, he would be better off in the “wrong” bars rather than the “right” ones :smiley:


I just followed Fellah…
so we went to all Gothenburg gay bars…


Hmm… then I’m a bit surprised it didn’t work out better for you… You should have been getting something else than a punch…


it needed translating ??


who knows… ?


Maybe Swedish gays use some form of code phrase, like I don’t know, " have a banana " :shrug:


:eek: nice work! But i am missing the monkeys and banana’s :sad:


I think you’re merely trying to hide the fact that you are a closet swede.


nice work! But i am missing the monkeys and banana’s

me too… when a guy sudenly decide to loose his brillant original idea to do a jetson like unoriginal pic…
life is weird sometimes…

flyingP : in french “have a banana” means “let’s make hot sex right now on this kitchen table”.


come on you should know this stuff, I seem to recall you telling me before about something being right up your alley :stuck_out_tongue:


can’t use that here, we don’t have one :slight_smile: