Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Anders Ehrenborg


Now that’s a great entry. I love it. Makes me smile every time I look at it. Thank you and good luck for the voting.



thanks everyone really! I just uploaded my final pic and would like to hold a little ‘thank you’ speach.

thank you for all your images and hard attempts to make me gay. I’m glad you found your true love after you posted the last “shower pic” (I’m free girls! :smiley: )

thank you for quitting the challenge!!

thanks for not even starting something on this challenge!

thanks for the updated signature and the most weird msg’s in this thread. and also for all the motivation that you gave me!

thanks for all your msg’s, they helped me gather myself and finish something. I will do the same if you join a challenge in the future!! :wink:

shit i forgot you, thanks for all your constructive comments. they helped alot!! I thought I added you to the thank you list but noticed you where missing. good luck in the voting!

thanks for all your suggestions and ideas. they helped pushing the image forward alot!! (C&L, here we gooo!! :wink: )

george w bush
shit waw, thanks alot man!!!

and to eveyone else… thanks a ton for ideas, suggestions, jokes, comments, crits… everything!!! maybe we’ll see each other in another challenge further down the road… until then :beer:

ahahah, it makes me even more happy that u are from germany! :smiley:


hate to disappoint you on that one mate but I am a Kiwi, my wife is German though if that counts :slight_smile:

has been a most enjoyable thread btw, really like your style too :thumbsup:


Thanks man for not failing me down and finishing this…:thumbsup:…now finally i can concetrate in developing a better “owrking” for the future :scream:

Good work Fellah…:):bounce::). I have made a promise to ya which i intend to keep in the next challenge(remember?)…heheheh…see u again man :slight_smile:

Have a lot of fun and lots of bubbles


haha dimi,
ofcourse I remember, I just thought you had forgot :slight_smile: I REALLY look forward to it!

ah shit… but atleast, maybe your landlord is greaman :slight_smile:


where is my beer, my tongue, and my piglet !!!


serious lacks of guts here !!!


Wahahahahahahahaha sounds as though he’s been ‘owrked’ if that’s the case, but yes he is German


hahah congratz! very funny pic! :smiley:


i noticed i didn’t submit my rendering milestone but the site didnt warn me, maybe it’s not necessary? I will do it anyways… hm…

ooops shit lol! I had uploaded a renering milestone… pff, nevermind. I need sleep…

thanks eveyone!


just resubmited it because of my mistake above… shitty me, to paranoid.


Looking good - perfectly in style (for a fella like you, monsignore banana) The wunderbaum is an instant hit :cool:


Hey, it is beautiful! … now I can say I like it very much, though it is not very GSO, but damn, who cares? :smiley: … and, I can’t believe you finished on time! Are you sure you havn’t missed anything?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


ILA : Are you sure you havn’t missed anything?!

Ila you’re kidding right ?!?

a banana, a piglet, a beer…and the list can go on and on…

nice color…but empty, bad posings, poor composition, not original, and not very funny :frowning: …hum…let’s say better than Virtuoso…but I’m not even sure…

Fellah gayish.


I’m sure it’ll wrok great in greamany anyway


Nice image fellah, glad you finished. Good luck on the voting.


pretty tasty ,i want to eat that image actually,looks like a nice little snack


Heh heh…in turbo time indeed… Very nice work, pleasant feel, I like it a lot!



Your style has always impressed me. Great work once again.


:applause: :applause: this is realy realy realy …!

nice picture finally.i’m glad you made it on time.the final image is so nice that when my sister saw it,she said ooookheeeeyyyyyyyy again(it means it’s so nice,and it’s not persian too :slight_smile: )
good luck on voting :thumbsup:


OUuuuuuu!! A grande sluggy neon thingy is out of the window!:bounce:

 Looking really tight up mate! :thumbsup: Nice to see you've finished this one! :)