Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Anders Ehrenborg


hahaa funny little guys! :slight_smile:


• Funny entry, I don’t know what else too add…maybe some funny chairs and some funny old computers to bring a little bit of light in the scene :thumbsup:


agree with the tourist thing…please do so. lessen the brightness of the monster coz it looks flat. well, it’s too late i think. just do what you think it’s best. now, go purge your BRAIN!:scream: …yes, you can make it! go go fellah.


:)…it’s progressing…it’s funny and it has style…and it has no "owrking " inside :smiley:
so now waaakkkkeeee up man and post final…



but above all, posing of the second guy !!!


Lol! hahahaha, now that’s very funny ! :smiley:

have you tried the unleveled (or unbalanced) composition ?


now that’s german :slight_smile:

I almost forgot my little friend…


animate it !nice style!really nice color.:thumbsup: good luck


hahaha “owrking”!! shit… I need to spellcheck everypost from this day on. no more misspellings like that one!

haha 3.5 bananas, i need atleast 4! I will keep on working hard until the Deadline to get the 0.5-banana!
I wanted the monster to look very 2d. actually, I prefer the look of 2d-images to 3d. so I wanted to make it look more 2d. but I will try another direction very fast now before the end!
thanks for your continuing support, very appreciated!

good ideas! thanks, if I find the time. but it’s getting close… shit…!!! :smiley:

thanks. maybe I will animate them. but not to this scene, it will take to long.


ila and baby,
u know what I think about your replies. thanks mates!!

here’s a little update again…

thanks to m@ for the tip with the glowing pot!!


Yes …it’s beautifull…and i like curtain addition too…i am not kidding …this really starts to look awesome…but in order to say so…work fast now…how much time do u have?..or is it over ?:banghead::banghead::banghead:


Time left: 0 days, 21 hours, 42 minutes, 5 seconds.

no sleep tonight!!! I’m so darn stupid to always push things to the last second, now I have to pay!! COFFEE!!(or beer…mmmmm)

thanks mate, u got me realising I REALLY need to hurry this time!


Yeah time to thoroughly caffinate yourself as I have and go for the long haul!


Holy Shit, this is going to be a fotofinish!
But don’t panic now, and don’t drink too much beer :wink:

We have faith in you, we belive in our bananas as
our bananas believe in you!


Greetz H.2.O


hahah yes to much coffee now and no shower. but it’s ok, I’m not in a hurry at all :smiley: thanks guys!

here u can see all the layers involved(except the reflective windows)
and the post-processing.


second page


Final (MAYBE) crits are still welcome, I won’t submit the hires yet.

Click pic for better resolution

I wish I could upload a better resolution pic to show it here and now, but my webserver is down atm. later. and as I said, I’m not sure is’s totaly final yet. c&c still welcome.


maybe lessen the blur:shrug:. oh! fellah just go on! don’t worry about shower just drink some more coffee and keep posting. GO!


Kinda scary really, but they guy at the wheel is almost a dead ringer for my landlord…er…in a cartoony sort of way

love the pine air freshener too btw :smiley:


Maybe a tongue for the monster ? Shitty little detail, not thet important anyway, but if you have some time left… :thumbsup:


I thought you won’t finish… but I’m really nicely surprised. And the biggest surprise is that from this footloose attitude, and a lot of banana talking, you made a nice image:) congratulations!