Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Anders Ehrenborg


no m@, I meant that if he wanted to come to sweden. it would probably be possible aslong as he really wanted.
…he still has a place in my heart… My John…

thanks Shiela.

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I’m pale blue… it takes me weeks of tanning just to get white


lovers quarrel???LOL…it’s getting cooler now. well, i love this thread.


c’mon Fella let’s get going!


Nice Toon Shading, I like the “car air freshner”, I think it would be nice to see more details like that around the ship.



hi Anderes…i am sure u will finish the job :wink: …very busy thread ??? “gay”:eek: …opsss


hehehee… funny one.
i love the whole concepts.each and every one of them make my sister say:oookheeyyyyyyy(it means WHAT A NICE ONE…and it’s not persian).

i love the idea about the BANANA and i’ve seen some cool things here about BANANA(mostly sent by BABY)
so what about a DEATH BANANA STAR ruled by the dark evil DARTH ANTIBANANA?and some bunch of BANANAOID FIELD,and the MILLENIUM MONKEY(i mean the spaceship) crossing across them and then poofffffff…(i can think no more.sorry.)or maybe U.S.S. INTERBANANAPRISE on a BANANA TREK to find more BANANA EMERGONs on far distant planets and there they meet these BORG guys who are about to come earth and convert it to a giant soon every one will forget about BANANA,specialy BABY!!huh?not funny right?i knew it. :banghead: :banghead:

anyway.i love the whole concept and the caracters.nice models by the way.
the last post is so …mmmm…cool.make it to the can make it. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


:bounce: :bounce: afraid of the gays are you? :stuck_out_tongue: hahahaaa


thanks everyone for your inputs!

thanks for the little push, I’m on it :slight_smile:

yea more things like that could be cool. I got an idea by m@, to add a kitchen foreground with bratwurst and stuffs… I will give it a try.

haha yes good ideas but it’s a little late to change the direction of this now, with 4-5days left! :smiley:
but I really appreciate you taking your time to help with ideas. I’ll keep them in my head and maybe they will release something in my brain in the furure :smiley:


here’s another update for today.

just trying to integrate and light the characters. they still need more modeling tweaks, but I like to work on everything at once, light/modeling composition… it helps me from getting bored.

c&c&ideas welcome


I like the colour tones, it’ll be a nice ‘cool’ piece alright. The characters have quite a unique quirkiness to them, nice space-quiffs :slight_smile:

Just keep plugging away, looks like you’ve got a good burst of motivation going so go for it. Look forward to seeing the finished article on Monday…


…mmmm…when i think about gays i fill like i am between a crowd of murders like what happend in resident evil…:shrug: (it is only what i feel)


Man the last one is screaming movement!! :bounce:

Some suggestions…

[li]May the frightened jumping tourist hold some kind of bug-sandwich… [/li][li]The front window can be a little space insect-splatted… [/li][/ul] That’s for now…
You’re moving and that’s a good thing! :bounce:

Best wishes on best result…:bounce:


like the pose of the surprised one…

if you put it in chinese shadows you don’t understand it…


thanks for your comments everyone! especially the suggestions and crits!

the idea with something in the hand is gold!
the idea with the insects is great to, I will try it. but I already fear this detail will be so small it will be hard to read in a still. and if I make it too big it might distract the viewer from the main point of the image.
but it’s a great detail, I will try to add it if I have time in the end after the main things in the image are finished. thanks!

yes I’ve been having problems with the poses, hard to get them as i want. I will work on it more before the final image, thanks.


:bounce: …also my friend i don’t know if it’s a good idea but i would like to see the suprised guy’s face through glass reflection a bit…or am i wrong? :slight_smile:


is it an option to move the guy who’s jumping a bit more to the right he’s getting a bit too lost in that curtain for me :hmm:


with Flying Pig…

by the way…Flying P…you’re not gay and arab ?!? hum…


wasn’t the last time I looked but then shit happens quick these days :slight_smile:


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hahah dating thread :smiley:

good point, i will move the screaming character, thanks for the crit.

and the reflection in the glass is a great idea that I will try for sure, thanks dimi,