Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Anders Ehrenborg


Anders Ehrenborg has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: final image, resubmitted

just resubmited it because of my mistake above… shitty me, to paranoid.


hi all,
glad to see the challenges back running!

i only have vague ideas for the story so far… with other words, nothing final, so i wont write anything about it atm.
but i’ve started researching different styles for vehicles, robots etc…
here are a few:

more to come in a day or two, i hope.
have fun everyone!


Oh Cool, Tres Bien, mycket bra! :smiley: That’s damn Funny and stylish, as always you little fat lazy viking! Keep it up until the end, man.


:bounce: :thumbsup: :bounce: i second that …and have fun. I am glad u are in … :slight_smile:


heya, I like your style that you’re approaching this with. The ship reminds me of Invader Zim cartoons… awesome stuff ;p


funny design, the round shapes make it cool… can’t wait to see more from your ideas :buttrock:


Oh yeah!!! glad to see you finally in my friend! those concepts already kick ass… keep it up!


Really fun drawings, man. Is that gouche? gl.


Neat stuff so far, bastard :wink: Good luck, this is going to be fun :).


One of the coolest concepts so far. But you create great art on a regular basis so we’re not really suprised…

Can’t wait to see more of this thread. Godd luck!


The concept on the upper right has got me cracking up…awesome. It is refreshing to see a change of style.


haha this is going to be awesome! cant wait to see more.


Yeahh, great to see a new style!!!:thumbsup: Very very nice and really funny, can’t wait to see more…



thank you all, old and new friends! :slight_smile:

not quite sure what “gouche” is. I think its some kinda art-material, yes?
either way, i didn’t use it. i drew by hand, scanned and colored in PS.

here’s another concept, some kinda space station.

more to come later… not quite sure where I’m heading yet, need more time to sketch and search…


really wonderful! Are you going to enter the 2dchallenge as well? These are great 2d images as is.:thumbsup:


Awesome Good fellah!

I like it so much! I love your style!

Good luck!


Awesome concepts , Ill be wathcing this ,of course.



Just seen the station concept…man u really have a unique style…and always with great sence of houmor…this will kick a$$…BUBBLE NUT STUFF again…i got to stop doing these challenges…lol :bounce:


Haha, great… I see you’re keeing in the line of your machineflesh concepts :wink: keep it up lille pojken!


Anders, it’s so cool. I love your design and I used to be very hard to convince. But these…
I see you entered 3d challenge and not 2d. I hope you’ll plan to use a cartoon style rendering or something very original cause your design deserv it; not just a basic render who destroy all your magnifiscient color.

So you understand I’m in a hurry to see more. Good luck

Ps : Now I don’t know if I enter the challenge. Do I still have any chances to make something more different (I don’t want to do anythnig realistic. Some makes me better than me )