Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Alex Wynn


Alex Wynn has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.


Oh, there is phun to be had here.


Good luck m8! Now start posting some ideas :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: thanks det.

Ok, Idea 1.

The birth of AI - not sure how well this fits into the topic. ALso kinda been done, an image from the anamatrix I beileve comes to mind. The machine I had an idea for also ended up looking a lot like something else I had done not long ago after I started sketching. Might leave this idea for now…

Idea 2.

Great battle - Ok, I dont think I’m gonna toch this one, I have a feeling it will be done to death.

More to come… hopefully.


I have a nice idea… I think

Something along the lines of an iconic image, from our history, then transplanting it into a space age type fantasy thing.

Like the “tank man” where there is a guy standing in front of a line of tanks.

see this image.

I think I will do this idea if I can get the ok from a mod.


it will be done to death :X

only there not a lot of people who can pull it off i guess


hmm you think?

Might keep thinking about it.

I guess this is what english class is for.


Ok, started afresh.

This city will be where a great peace treaty was signed and 2 warring races finally made peace. (I’m not the best storyteller)

This is the idea, generally like a particle type structure. There will bea heaps of detail added to each one. :slight_smile:

Drawn by hand with grey lead pencil then gone over in pen, and finally scanned in and coloured in photoshop.

What can I say? It was better than english class.


Here’s a sphere. I think I’ll go along these lines for the whole thing. I will probably dump the peace idea as I have just seen somebody else’s concept of exactly that.

I will do more concept sketches later, for now I at least know I will be making a city.


the first step looks pretty cool, i’ll check up for coming sketches :thumbsup:


Nice concept! Your modeling looks great! Keep it up!


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