Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Adrian Tee


Adrain you have done a fantastic job… I cannot wait to see your final, should be killer.


Latest composition, will fix the lighting and more post effects will be done.


Nice progress, my crits now are:

  1. too many colors in the starfield, make it in one color palette, but different saturations and brightnesses.
  2. a bit of motion blur whould emphasize the dynamism of it

keep workin’ you can do it on time!:slight_smile:


Make alot of corrections, added more afflictios, corrected lighting, change lazer material abit, and others. It didnt look as chaotic as I wanted it to be but thats okay. It looks really good compared to the earlier works.


This is my final image, no more changes! Thanks to everyone who has helped me and encouraged me! Looking forward to the next challenge! And good luck to all challengers!! May the best win!!


congratz mate! just in last moment !: D


great to see you among the creazy guys who did it! My congratulations! Nice image. I think you have learned a lot, and will be even beter during the next challenge:) good luck!


Super cool! Just looks awesome! :thumbsup:! You’va got my vote!


Made some corrections to the final image since there 1 day extension hope its allowed!!


Title: The Fleeing Ealypian


In the outer edges of a bright galaxy lies planet Ealyp. Near Ealyp, there is a moon that is well known for its rich resources in Omreht, a substances so molecularly tight and can be easily manipulated makes it a valuable commodities for building indestructible spaceships. Because of the impending war, the Kromans, knew of these invaluable substance dispatch a fleet of Kroman’s space vessels to the only place known to have it. The Ealyps aware of this beforehand, has started evacuating their people away to other star systems, away from the creeping Kromans. However the Kromans arrived sooner than expected and now they are running out of time. In order to protect the remaining tranport vessels a few stayed behind to man the defense turrets in order to slow down the Kromans so that the others may survive. The kromans has a planet destruction weapon known as Hellatorius. Staying behind means dying to this weapon and the remaining Ealyps know this. And so they sacrificed their lives in order to save their own kind.



very great this piece.
I like it.
good LOOK…
good luck…


hey Adrian you did it… congratulations, a big :applause:… what a great battle scene here ! :thumbsup:



Fantastic Adrian, :applause: congradulations man that looks very nice. Keep with this style it has a very game applicable nature to it. Nice lighting and effects, good job! :buttrock:


sookvamdee: Thanks! It’s my best piece so far, but I don’t think it will win me any prize.

jddog: Thanks! Next time I will put more space ships ! :slight_smile:

Richard: Thanks! I wished I’ve done a better job at lighting but Im still learning!

To all, Cheers! :beerchug:

Good luck to all challengers and may the best one wins!
Can’t wait for the next one :slight_smile:



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