Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Adrian Tee


Completed modelling for neodivinitus!! Woohoo thats the fastest I modelled b4, I like the design! Going to start texturing asap!!


Back view, looks kick ass :wink:


Nice job so far man. This is coming out nicely. Keep at. I am wondering what types of effects you plan on using in the final comp to compliment all of those wickid ships. :slight_smile:


There will be lots of effects, however it will partially be determined by the time limit imposed! Stay tuned!!:bounce:


This is a sketch i drew in the weekend showing the latest overall composition. Hopefully I will make it in time. Best of luck to those who are not finished.


That sketch helps me see your overall scene very nicely. Good job. Now get those ships into battle!!!


Composition sketch lookd very promising. I like the dynamism of it. Hope you will reach this in 3d. Good luck!


Just found out that my pc is infected by severals ( yes, more than 1) trojan virus. So work might slow down abit as I need to flush them all out of the system. -_-; Damnation…


Last of the lot, the neo divinitus color concept. Will be texturing this evening… Rushing to complete this piece!!


A damaged ship takes the hit from the planetary defense.


Done the texture for planet Bey(the planet at the top in the composition).
Used up alot of hours just to come out with this. Its not that good but decent enough for half-view shot.


Textured the space debris. Several layers on top of each other and use a specular & bump maps. Theme seems to be red.


Another version! More realistic? and darker…


Well I think that the first version is more realistic, but yes, should be a but darker.


Neo Divin texture test…back view


Neodivin texture test front view…


Starting to compose the scene, 3 more days left!!!




Lighting test to show the space ships on the scene.


Your scene is coming on just great! I really like the colors your going for. Good luck in completion :thumbsup: