Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Adrian Tee


I just read up on using rays together with glows, seems to give off a nice effect, I like it!!


Lookin’ good so far.Keep up the good work!


base texture, hoped to rely more of the effects on lighting… any comments to make it look better?


Update on the texture, I don really have any idea on the material except that it is kinda of like a shiny material, a volcanic rock polished to perfection. That is why it is black. And I also added the glow to give it more life.


Updated on Hellatorius, the base texture is not detail as it will be seen only from far away. Heavy use of glow will be used.


more to come, stay tuned!:scream:


This texture has too many lights, abandoning it…


Can anyone tell me why the bump lines are so pixelated??? PLzzzzz? I think Im gonna dump the bump lines in favor of something better.


Removed some lights, get rid of bump and rendered with glow fx. What do you think?


I must say, your concept of this whole scene is very well organized and depict a vast and massive civilization. I love your ships, however i think you can add more details to the textures. SpaceShips are usually bright and silverish but your theme or dark and shiny glowly is a rather unique choice of theme.

I bid you luck in your progress and hope you will finish in time. All the best



looking great man. I feel akin to your ideas. Keep at it. Have a wonderful new year!


Supposedly final texturing for the afflictio battleship. I have a strong feeling that it will bear some changes in the future, until then I have to texture the other ships. Hopefully I will make it to the finish line! Good luck and Happy new year 2005 to everyone.


Hellatorius texture, hopefully to be finalised. It is not detail because the model will be viewed from a distance.


When i was texturing the mothership, divinitus, I didnt quite like the feel of it and the shape of the ship doesnt seem to be menacing enough, therefore I bring you the Neo-Divinitus!! Will model asap… gawd its 14 days left and Im still modelling :stuck_out_tongue:


I know the feeling… Good work though I really like the sketch… shoulda be really tight!


Started box modelling. More to come soon!


Greetings tzktime! :smiley:

Some really great work here, I really like your ship designs.

Looking forward to the final image, keep it up! :slight_smile:


Coming along nicely. Keep at it Adrian.


@jason: Thanks mate! You can sit back and relax now :wink:

@richard: Thanks for the encouragement, You keep at it as well okay? We’ll cross the finish line together :stuck_out_tongue:

I promise there’ll be a HUGE update tomorrow! Stay tuned!


Model 50% completed!!! Quick quick quick…