Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Adrian Tee


*Edited, double post. *


The gateway colour concept, a touch of egyptian colours. :wink:


Hellatorius colour concept, looks nice :slight_smile:


The mozee colour concept, hopefully this will make a good transition into texturing work…


Salutaris colour concept, fiery shield…


Colour concept for the transport!!!, all white as opposed to the black!


some cool forms and mixture of hard surface and organic shapes. also concept work is great basis to build on. i’m going to keep following this thread :slight_smile:


Starting the compositing…


Compositing more, adding the blocks of the ships…


Added the background, the sea of stars and several galaxy can be seen. I don quite like the sun at this point, will look forward to render a better one. Btw the stars is made in photoshop.


Added salutaris, the defense system.


The texture for Beymoon, not looking that good atm. Need more work on that too.


Putting in the ships to get a sense of scale. Don’t mind the colour and lighting. Arghh not enough time for me!! Work work…

So sorry for all these influx of posts, the images are all saved in my hdd and I didnt have access to internet connection for the past 2 weeks so I had to post them all up in 1 night. As for the starfield, I refered to Greg Martins excellent tutorial on creating starfields and nebulae, you can access it from here:

Good luck to those who are still in the final month and hope that I make it to the finish line.


Warit: Nice to meet you, Ive never met a 3d artist from Thailand either :wink:

I checked out your GSO, like the clean design of your ships, good luck and all the best. Hopefully we make it to the finish line. :argh:

Ereitz: Thanks for your comments, so true about the concept thingy, going to do same for you :wink:

Oh yeah just got my expose 2 a few days ago! WOOOO HOOOOO!!! :buttrock:


Been a while since my last visit - you have really done some cool progress! I like your modeling style a lot :thumbsup:

Are you going to keep the blue-brown colorset? I think it could look really good - looking forward to see some textures and good luck!


Looks like things are coming along well with your entry… your ships would fit in my continium quite well! :stuck_out_tongue: Good job… keep it up!


Gunilla: The colourset is not fixed yet, I’m really bad in texturing. It can change anytime. Your entry is going well too :slight_smile:

||) |V| |^|: Lol don steal my ships now :stuck_out_tongue: jk!


Now testing the engine glow effects, right now I have 3 choices, omni light attenuation + fog light, glow effect, and video post. I don’t really like video post because its hard for me to control. I would prefer the earlier two. Here is the omni light method…


This one is video post, notice the glow went right through the tail wing. I like the colours tho…


Glow effects.