Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Adrian Tee


great desing on that ships, I like all of them!


Divinitus is particularly good. Novel, believable, menacing - A difficult combination to get.


divinitus main cannon, i modelled the cannon parts and some front part of the ship. trying to go for the industrial kinda of look under a sleek armor. any suggestions? critics???


Some details on the main cannon and tusk-like thing there… This view is front below. Any comments?


Divinitus from the front, here you can see the ‘tusk’ and cannon. Be aware that it is still a lowpoly version.


I love the intricate details visible in the side view tail. Very nice! :slight_smile: More please :wink:


AMAZING… your design style is really great. love it !



divinitus modelling continued… Ill keep modelling but for now I have done little by little. Hopefully I can finish it in time. Good luck to all.


For some reason you have now made comments on my work twice, which I appriciate SO much!!! I like your work as well, very unique designs, especially your ship. I wish I had the patients to make some drawing sketches first, and apply them in my scene as you have done. I constantly do this; :banghead: , because of failures made in my “sit-down-and-model-right-out-of-imagination” kind of working. Failures that just take so long to repair, as I suddenly realize how bad something, made too many “undos” ago, looks. And my last save is always too old for just reloading an older mesh. But that´s the way it is…:slight_smile:

Keep modelling great stuff, work hard, only two months to go…


I learned it the hard way about doing sketches. For other they can model on the fly but for me I have to sketch out first whats on my mind before I can model them. And it helps with the sense of proportion and details! ALways sketch first! Best of luck, I hope I can finish on time.


Divinitus modelling update, blocked version not smoothed yet. Still low poly and need to add more detail to the center and back of ship.


Bottom view. Comments???


Hi there! please show it with some different lighting, because it’s hard to see and judge the shape(ot it’s just my old monitor:) ). From what I see it looks good, I wouldn’t change it, maybe only make it a little bit wider.


I agree I think that giving the lighting a kick up would help us to be capable of seeing the details you have put into this. Waiting for more updates!


Sorry all, been out from the internet for 2 weeks so no update during this time. However I have not been idle. Check out these updates…


blocked…not smoothed yet


divinitus smoothed, i promise you guy will get to see the clearer version, at this stage its still pretty unclear due to the modelling…


This is my 2nd biggest ship, dubbed afflictio which means “pain”. The size is about 1/5 of the divinitus size and looks quite mean :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m from south east asia too! (thailand to be exact.) Never seen any 3d artist from Malaysia before. Your work is looking good.

Good luck man. :applause:


beginning…blocking out the shapes