Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Adrian Tee


This gateway is looking excellent. I love the organic feel to it. Great process your showing. Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:


Been not posting for awhile, right now going back to basics and learning how to draw anatomy figures and starting to sketch circles and squares and round. But ill still be doing this challenge however will be slow… hopefully i can finish this challenge in time. Good luck to everyone out there! Hang on!


I just got back from another state and I saw expose 2 and d’artiste for sale… :eek: omg I can’t wait to buy it but don have that much money to spent on a book alone… sob sob… :sad: Now I’m fired up and I wanna aim for getting the expose 2 prize!! Argh!!! Here I come, going to do the mother ship sketch and revamped the design for the peashooter and gateway maybe… Stay tuned!


The more I look at the ship the more I don like it, hemm any comments ?? I redefined the shape and add more detail this time. What do you think? I think I am going to go with this design and thrash the old one. Learnt a valuable lesson, do your concept art well before start to model! :scream: Other challengers are already modelling away and some even started texturing… Im still here! Argh!!


previously known as peashooter, now renamed to “hellatarious” which means warlike in greek i think. Going to start modelling ASAP! ps: tell me what you think about the new design…


Definately like the second design better :slight_smile: Keep it up!


I agree with Borro, i prefer the second, more dynamic. :arteest:

Nice work! :thumbsup:


blocking out the shapes… this time i have a clearer idea of what i am modelling…


back view, block stage, my flow is to block out the shapes first and then add the detail later…


front part, same model but different view, im really liking where this is going. What do you think? Any suggestions?? Im thinking how do I make the moving parts, use a gear or some sort of alien tubes? Im really lost in doing mechanical stuff… Please help!! I want to make a connector in short, connecting the wings and body. See the next pic to see my version…


the “gears” is marker by the red circle. basically it is 3 cylinders string together. thats it. and theres another flatter cylinder on the body of the ship, to rotate it in another axis wihch cannot be seen here.


Another view of the moving part, notice the circular flat gear that moves it up and down. What do you think? How should I improve it?


awesome new peashooter. Can’t wait to see it finished and in action!


modelled the bridge and refined the wings part… not much of an update tho… one question, besides using meshmooth and subdivision in editpoly is there any other way to make the object looks smooth, esp for squarish object like space ships? i don wan to spend my time chamfering most of the edges… any other solution?


ok im done modelling the low poly version of this ship. added gi to show it better. What do you think? Moving on to model other objects, probably a bigger space ship…


ok concept for the mothership called “divinitus” which means heaven in greek. Sorry for the scan quality as i have crappy scanner(its not even mine) anyways i will move on to modelling soon!


Not much of an update here just to show the basic blocks I am going to build the ship from.


wow I love the design!
never seen something like this before!

can’t wait to see them textured!


hey very interesting ship designs mate… keep it up man :thumbsup:


Great work so far. I love the modeling ideas. Those ship designs are bad @$$! More more mroe!:bounce: