Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Adrian Tee


It’s funny: I had almost the exact same idea for my piece, but at the last minute I swapped it for another concept. Now I’m really going to be interested in seeing how this turns out.


lol, thats not the first time i heard that, another guy did a same concept as me as well. Hopefully I can at least do a great piece of this challenge to justify the battle of Thermopylae.


Well I think you chose the right version of the Gate. Now for the space warp use lot’s of light cuz that’s what it is… refraction of light and time… and to best show the effect take a ship turn soft selection on, pick some verteces and move them toward the Gate to achieve a great effect :slight_smile: ok keep it up!


I’m sure you’ve probably moved past this, but I actully like the blocky gate. the non blocky gate looks un polished to me. prehaps if you keep the organic look but some how tighten up the insets or add control segments to tighten up the -shift in the bevel. mostly in the forward facing tabs (or what ever I may call them, the rest actully looks really good, just those parts bother me)

rock on and keep it up. :wink:


Borro: Thats a good idea, gonna try that out :thumbsup:

Bookmanblues: Are u talking about the “wing” part? Im not sure which part you are talking about? Anyways heres an update…


this is the updated gateway design…
not too happy with it…
however i refined some parts of the gateway so it looks more solid.

im thinking of putting spikes on the wings thingy, see next post…


spike version… i plan to make the spike like sort of sucked in to the middle, here its just straight down… i pretty like this version since it was the original concept… but right now it looks like crap :stuck_out_tongue:


ahh… heres a better version of the gateway… the spikes are more align to the center of the gate…tell me what you think!


here is a more cleaner look, got rid of the extra “wing” and spikes. Okay gonna leave this be for now and going to modelling the mothership(fun part)… stay tuned


close up on the gateway “headpiece” which support to look like trojan helmet… hmm


looking good so far, IOM, I like the blocky version of the gateway, but, I you go with the organic one, I prefer it without spikes.

Also I want to add, the Alien Spaceship desing if AMAZING, I saw a lot of spaceships in the space opera threads, but the main ship of the concept has a real cool shape, I hope the 3d version keep that speed and dangerous feeling.

keep it up! :thumbsup:


i drew this on a notepad and the scan quality is quite bad, but basically it is a medium sized ship, that shoots a laser/energy beam that when hits a planet it will disrupt the water concentration and breaks the molecule into hydrogen and blows up the entire planet. To destroy a planet, around 9 of these ships are needed.


at last, started modelling again… this time modelling another object, the “peashooter” so called because compared to the other ships this is one of the smallest :wink: here it is initial stages…


updated smoothing the front part of the ship, the rest is still in progress… working really slow here…


nice model! :thumbsup: i like your concept so far! interesting and great! But for your models, IMHO, you shud reduce the number of polygons. The high poly count makes the ships too organic. if you are using nurbs, then you should control the edges to make it more “metal” and “sharp edged”. :slight_smile:

other than tat, keep up the good work ! all da best dude :buttrock:



nice story and modeling. Looks very promising. I would recommend that you work on the composition a bit more so that you know exactly what you need to model and not. This could save you a lot of work. Might even do a sketch in color.

good luck and peace


spyder: I always use subd, ;), as for the organic looking thingy its because i have not defined the corners yet. Expect more updates soon.

Hiespike: Thats a good idea. I might just do that. Thanks:thumbsup: !


smooth version, what do you think?


closeup shot for the mid section of the ship… any ideas? critics?


the gateway looking awesome man… very menacing at the same time.