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Title: The Fleeing Ealypian


In the outer edges of a bright galaxy lies planet Ealyp. Near Ealyp, there is a moon that is well known for its rich resources in Omreht, a substances so molecularly tight and can be easily manipulated makes it a valuable commodities for building indestructible spaceships. Because of the impending war, the Kromans, knew of these invaluable substance dispatch a fleet of Kroman’s space vessels to the only place known to have it. The Ealyps aware of this beforehand, has started evacuating their people away to other star systems, away from the creeping Kromans. However the Kromans arrived sooner than expected and now they are running out of time. In order to protect the remaining tranport vessels a few stayed behind to man the defense turrets in order to slow down the Kromans so that the others may survive. The kromans has a planet destruction weapon known as Hellatorius. Staying behind means dying to this weapon and the remaining Ealyps know this. And so they sacrificed their lives in order to save their own kind.


Hi guys & gals, this is my first entry into cgchallenge and i don’t know anyone around the forum and hopefully by the end of this i might be able to know a few friends and learn tons of stuff.
My main motivation is to learn and improve my work. Good luck to the other entries, they are awesome! Here goes:

Idea 1: A group of defenders in a distant star system, protecting a passageway against innumerable odds. They(the defenders) do not wear or tire as ceaseless amount of attackers throw themselves to break through the passage. Classic concept :slight_smile:

Concept sketch will be uploaded tmw.


composition concept, please tell me wich one is better? or any other better ideas?


this is the concept for some of the alien ships, ok basically the story is like this, theres a planet in a faraway star system which holds the key to un ravel the secrets of all there is in the universe and so these large number of alien races launch an attack on the planet hoping to break in but the planet is protected by a system of defensive turrets and also spaceships. the odds of holding the planet defense is minute but still the defenders stands tall… sort of like the story of spartan holding off the attacks of the persians. i will include certain greek/roman element into the design of the defensive turret. the alien races will very in designs as they come from diff planets. please give your comments…


I like the idea of Thermopylae. Though the story of the Spartan being told that the Persians would blacken the skies with their arrows, to which he replied, “good, it’s a hot day, we can fight in the shade.” is really down to a Thespian who fought there. Thespes was famous throughout Greece for its fine actors.


The story is interesting so far.

I’ll stick around :wink:



no comments on the composition? matter not, i think ill go for no2. might change the camera view later on…on to ships concept…


colored version of concept2


the shield and spear thingy is the defense of the planet, while the other 3 ships on the right is the attacking force. the gateway is the escape path for the evacuated ships to go through.
im still wondering whether i should add mechas to the scene, as the defenders of the planet??? any comments???

ps: sorry for the bad scans :stuck_out_tongue:

comments??? anyone??


testing to see how it would turn out
i figure i would better start to model and get the modelling ball rollin…


Can’t quite understand the concepts, but judging from the modeling this should be a blast :slight_smile: keep rocking and good luck!


Thx for your reply borro, ok… Here is a refined story,

There is this planet called Ealyp that are on the outer rim of the galaxy which has vast resources on several moons nearby that other alien race are crazy about. It has a high count of Omreht, an iron substance used to build interstellar spacecrafts. So the strongest alien empire of them all lead the attack to capture the planet and of course, destroy the inhabitants as well. The Ealypians know about this attack and starts evacuating thru the gateway. However because the Alien Empire arrives sooner than expected, a few remaining stayed behind and fought with the aliens, sacrificing themselves to defend the remaining escapees.


updated version of the escape gateway, will tweak it some more, what do you think? anything i should add?


Like your concept and models so far, the gateway a bit skeleton like, keep going:thumbsup:


ooooh cool cool… keep modeling looks great :thumbsup:


this gate is blocky kinda gate, squarish, should i go for this…


… this one is more organic and roundish corners, more to the alien culture, wich one is better? remember this gateway should have a hint of greek architecture, so if anyone has references to greek/roman designs let me know tq :slight_smile:

tq borro and gunilla, you guys are doing great too :wink:


Looking at your sketches I’m more for the organic one, eventually some minor details can be a little bit more geometrical… wait fo the next step !


I prefer the second one too. As was said, our (human) concept of tech (angles, edges) can be incorporated within the organic lines.


minor modelling, going for the organic feel, making the top of the “trojan” helmet sharp… also any ideas for the space tunnel thingy? suppose to be a space gateway warping tunnel thing… @-@, i will model more tonight, gotta sleep now…