Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Adrian Lozano



Nice modeling, its improving and developing , the ship all the time

I would like to see it with a heay metal texture

my link

Paolo, P


great modeling, congrats… i really like the way it looks with all the new details! see you soon…


Keep it coming ADR,doing a very fine job here…More…:wip: and more :arteest: and a little more of this :wip: …Your on the right road for sure,keep at it strong…:beer:


D-tox Im glad that you like it man , Thanks:)

Patina Thanks very much for your comments the texturing process is coming very soon :slight_smile:

Lafocalu Thanks very much for your support mlady , im glad that you like it.:love:

Virtuoso Thanks very much for all your support my friend , im working in the bridge right now , i will post updates in a few minutes . Hope you like it need to put more details in that part.:thumbsup:


I started to model the bridge of the ship , i dont like it right now so ill tweak the mesh and put details .

Suggestions and crits are welcome. Thanks


The bridge is done , need to connect the engine with the hull and made more tweaks in it .

Any suggestion and crits are welcome . Thanks


Just one test to see how its looks with textures.

I put a procedural from Darktree in the hull , dont know if i will use it , but your opinion can be very helpful.

Maybe i will loose some contrast between the detail in the inner part of the ship and the material in the outside .

What you think?


wow looks really cool mate…i think it could work but maybe is too saturated of dtails…maybe u can erase some in photoshop so the texture is not that saturated…and the add some tubes and little wires and boxes over it so u cant see the difference between texture and 3d modeling…:thumbsup: just and idea friend…i know u will find the way to make it look super duper fine!


Errrr…what is that! :eek:
Amazing details adr! The way you’re going with the texture adds a lot of small details to the ship. A question: Do you imagine the outer hull visibly different from all those mechanical insides? Right now I can’t tell the difference but it surely looks great! :thumbsup:

Waiting for more…


hey mate that have some Cool masive and huge feeling :))) great wish you luck


great eye candy… fantastic job

I instantly get the feel that this is a massive ship, without the need for surroundings to give it scale:applause:


AMAZING LEVEL OF DETAIL!!! but i think that everything is well designed and modeled!


It looks really cool! But as Rattlesnake point out, it might also run the risk of detail-oversaturation. With the interesting stuff going on in the inner part of it, maybe it would look best if the outer hull/casing framework would have something like half the amount of detail, just to provide some contrast between the parts.


rattlesnake, JamesMK Thanks for your comments mates , yes there is a risk about putting a lot of the details in the outer hull , i will make some test to put the procedural texture inside and work with another texture outside , maybe i can handle a nice level of contrast between both parts :thumbsup:

Oz, Versiden Thanks so much for visit my thread and comment about my progress , More updates coming soon. :thumbsup:

terraarc im not sure about this amount of details ,need to make more tests in the textures and define the general color of the ship. Thanks for your great support my friend :slight_smile:

Divaise Im glad that you like it mate . Thanks for your kind words :slight_smile:


That is one hell of a ship you got there. I would have imagined the textures for this a bit differently, a bit more simplistic.


One more test with the texture , Now i made a more complex shader/texture to see if i can use it , i really like the result.

Let me know what you think. Thanks


One more update


This is excellent i love it the back of the spaceship is great those designs of the engine are awesome and texture comes along nicely.:thumbsup:

AAAAHhhhhhh… :scream: those details are killing me

keep it up man you rock:buttrock:


Your recent updates are stunning, Adrian. I’m really fond of that fungus/something on the ship’s hull… and I see you really can use DarkTree… I’m a big fan of that prog.

Really cool. THis is looking better and better each time I drop by.



Nice progress Adrian. I would only make the bump a little bit smaller. In comparsion with the cockpit on the top of the ship(which shows the size of the crew) it seem too big.
Good job! Keep it rollin’:buttrock: