Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Adrian Lozano


Hey Adrian just checking you ship You really gave a lot of details to this ship excellent job :thumbsup:
The ship really looks that has a massive volume. Great job:buttrock:


is looking nice friend…i find very interesting those details youre creating…im curios about the final result on your ship…is lookin great already and will rock when done for sure…keep rockin!


It’s good, it’s orange - I want to see the whole thing now :wip:


Whoa now it looks so much better! Great improvement, love to see more!



Lelantos. Thanks very much Lelantos more details are coming to hope to upload some images tonight
Rattlesnake Gracias por el apoyo Jorge , a veces me es dificil dedicarle al proyecto , ya sabes al termino del año y pues la carga de trabajo es mayor .

I will add more details, need to model the bridge again , didnt like it the first version .

JamesMK Thanks for encourage me James , waiting for more updates in your thread.

Keetmun Im glad that you like it mate, i ll update very soon.



Great details in your model. Love the work on the engines and the grill on the front one is really great.

Keep up the good work.



I’ve only just seen this for the first time. The modelling is good.

I’m just wondering if it’s worth adding some sort of stiffening structure that joins the outer skin of the ship to the detailed workings inside? It seems to me that if an asteroid or some other piece of debris hit the skin, that it would dent easily?

Maybe you have some sort of force field system worked out?


jamacsween thanks so much for your comments man . More updates coming soon.

Bliz Thanks about you comments and observations , yes i was thinking in put a kind of structure or skeleton to connect the inner part with the outer skin but didnt like it to much and some mates here in the challenge told me that is better without the skeleton , anyway this ship will be in the ground destroyed.


Nothing to crit, just :thumbsup:

The new side engine part is great

Waiting for more!


More details in the ship . Any sugestion are welcome guys , thanks


ok…that is a crazy amount of details…now work more on the outside …great stuff man:)


quoted just to complete agree…great work Adr!! i like it:bounce:


terraarc Thanks very much for your comments man , im glad that you like it.:buttrock:

DimitrisLiatsos Thanks man for your comments , i will work tonight in more details and the bridge of the ship .:slight_smile:

rattlesnake Muchas gracias jorge por el apoyo y estar siguiendo mi entrada constantemente Saludos amigo :thumbsup:


One more update, hope you like it.


One more view


Pretty nice updates Adrian! :thumbsup:
I believe some “love” is needed on the back part of the hull…but I’ll just sit back and wait for your artistic perspective on that :slight_smile:

Waiting for more!


Great modelling adr. Your ship is fantastically detailed. the only thing i noticed, and maybe it’s because it’s a wip, but the wall of the outer hull looks like it’s only a single poly thick. IMHO the edges around the cut away bits need to be thicker. keep going!


you gave to this ship a magic touch :arteest:

and the details keep on going

great job this is gona be a hell of a ship when it will be textured:buttrock:
can’t wait for more :bounce:


terraarc Thanks for your kind words mate, yes , i need to model some things in the rear and connect the engine with the hull , more updates will coming very soon.

artemesia66 Thanks very much for visit my thread and point the details that need to be fixed. I will work today in those little details.

Lelantos Thanks very much for all your support mate .


Looks great man!
Really love the detail on that ship:thumbsup: