Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Adrian Lozano


this is looking great, you really worked a lot since the last time i saw it!!! i’m expecting more updates!!! :slight_smile: see you soon!!!


One more update with the details in the hull


Thanks James , the details are almost done ,hope to finish tomorrow .

Lafocalu really thanks for your comments


Hey Adrian!

Great design mate! I do prefer the “uncovered” version of the ship tough… really gives it a nice industrial feel!

I only think you should creat some very small greeble here and there on the detail panels, to further enhance it’s scale, but I guess you can always do it in the texturing phase… great job! :thumbsup:


Man…i fell in love with the Propulsion system of yours…geez…this is … :deal:


Rui Thanks for visit my thread and give me some tips about the progress of my entrie .
About the greeble , ill use greeble in little parts of the ship , i dont want to abuse of the script hehe.

Dimitris Thanks so much my friend for your support . Man you avatar really rocks hahaha is really cool

Thanks again guys :thumbsup: Ill try to update later


I started to add the structure of the ship. C&C are always welcome


awesome detail:eek:


I love the detailed design of the engine and Hull. good job. :thumbsup: Personally I like the version without the bars. Those tube like structure seems to obscure the details of the hull blocks. From afar it looks like streaks and scratches. Unless those are glowing neon tubes.


Look’s wery nice


Hmm…personally I prefer the ship without that strange structure on the side. I understand the pattern you’re trying to achieve, perhaps you could integrate the pattern onto the flat surface of the ship as a bump map? Just a suggestion though, anything might work.

Cheers! Wicked modelling as always


Hi there! Nice work being done. I also vote fot the version without the bars, but I suggest doing some tests with much thiner bars… It may work
Good luck:bounce:


Hi Adrian…for me I would go “without” the bars…No question about it…But that’s me…As for the details…I think you should leave some of the “Hull” open…the smoothness will counter-balance the details,and vice versa…they will contrast with each other better…Plus I like the flow and shape of the hull,with too much detail all over it,the vessel loses some of it’s sleek curves…It’s like dark and light…they play off of each other perfectly…Ok just my take here…I think you have some fine modeling going on here…Go at it hard Adrian…As I know you will…:arteest:


Hi, Adrian! I’ll reserve comment on the hull bracing until you show us just how much of the internal structure we’re going to see.

Meanwhile, you might get a little bit of use out of the following site (or sites like it), since it has reference pics of a partially completed aricraft carrier:


yeah man u got soem amazing works done here… keep going mate… and make it happen…best of luck


Now we are talking about adding detail to the ship’s hull :smiley: Great job there mate!



Visualact, macod, overcontrast, Arsa Thanks for your positive comments guys .

leonartdo Thanks so much for your comments mate , ill make changes to he structure to see if i can hold it or find another aproach.

keetmun Let me see what can i do with this bars , thanks for all the support

arturro hmm why not maybe with thiner bar can look nice put i think that will loose detail too , Anyway ill make this tests. Thank you

Virtuoso Thanks very much for your support Michael , more updates coming soon mate.

Nuclearman Checking the links Michael , thanks mate for your comments and support .

Thanks again to everyone guys , you know that is very important for me your comments and crits


Man! I like the machinery, looks good :wink:

Maybe if you make it a little curve, no so much just to make it less static, organic…


I put the hull with all the elements together , need to make more details in all this part.

Any suggestions are welcome ,Thanks


One more update , hope you like it