Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Adrian Lozano


yes more updates please…your work is looking really good friend…i want to see more of your nice modeling skillz!..ok im waiting

updates to come tonight mate Thanks:thumbsup:


hmm dont know why cant post my new update, i ll try tomorrow .


Adrian, you’re having the problem too? I even tried changing the security settings on my computer and nothing helped!


I started to model all the details on the hull of the ship , it will be full detail along the body .

Then a will add the structure (skeleton) of the hull and then i will add the last layer in the ship with the clean mesh that you can see it in this image.

C&c thanks


One more update showing the progress in the hull.


looking nice mate!..and knowing your skillz this is going to be great when done!!

i like those details…are u going to cover all the surface of the ship with them?

keep rockin man!


Yes jorge im working in all the details of the hull right now All the body will be covered


Wow, Adrian, I had no idea you were going to go for a “Jack Kirby” look for the outside of the ship! Really interesting approach, and quite a change from standard plating techniques. It will be interesting to see how this looks once textured!


• Your Opal Kahm looks good, it is a shame you’ll have to destroy it at the end, modeling looks very clean, I like it! < i also saw your machineFlesh entry and It was also a very Cool concept, but half machine circus animals would have been super in the background!

• Keep the hard work!


nice detailed jet
render a close up of it please:bounce:


More details in the hull. If you have suggestions please let me know. Thanks!!!


One more point of view.


I love the camera angles and lighting in the last two renders, Adrian. The ship is starting to look a little “Borgish” in the angularity of these new components, but it makes for a rather interesting juxtaposition with the rounded form of the engines. Are the components in the detail work all merged? If so, I’d be really REALLY curious to see how it looks if you change the geometry approximation settings so the new pieces all get subdivided and smoothed. I think it might look more “natural” with the engines … but it’s only worth taking the time to try something like that if the components aren’t just a hundred separate pieces.


I made some tests with the hull and see how is looking . The ship will have this kind of look when its finished .

Maybe this image will answer your question Nuclearman.

Sorry man but sometimes is dificult to me to say the right words.


Ah, yes, it’s much clearer now, Adrian; thanks for the additional post! I thought you had changed course on the look of the hull, but now realize that “in the hull” was literally “within the hull.” The problem, my friend, isn’t your English, but the English language itself, which is sometimes frustratingly imprecise and lacks the benefit of a sufficient number of users to whip it into shape. Fortunately, we all speak the language of polygons and NURBS, which helps get the meaning across even when our formal means of discourse is found wanting. :slight_smile:


This is a great example of modeling, It has a great sense of weight to it, I hope to achieve something similar when I start my space ship, will follow this thread

check my link!



Hello there adr! Pretty nice and detailed ship! Surely reflects mass and greatness!:thumbsup:


Coming along real well Adrian…the details are a very nice extra,keep at it.It’s quite the massive vessel,and the sleek lines look real nice.Keep at it hard…:arteest:


Patina im glad that you like it , i will follow your entrie to see your progress man

Terraarc Thanks for your comments bud

Virtuoso Thanks for the comments Michael more updates to come in a few hrs.


That hull looks really good now - the outer shell did it, so to speak. Good schtuff :thumbsup: