Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Adrian Lozano


Your ship is really looking good, nice clean looking model so far. You are brave to learn a new software like this. Keep up the good work.
My GSO entry


Adrian, the engine looks really good. I’m guessing the shader network is just a Strauss with Dirtmap in the ambient node, but it’s very effective. (If I’m wrong, I’d love to see the render tree for this, as it gives a nice, solidly metalic feel.) Keep up the excellent work!


Thanks for the comments and passing by my thread , in fact the first concept was a early aproach to the challenge but i didnt like to much. then i uploaded a new image with a different POV of the crash . Thanks Again :slight_smile:

mmoir Thanks for encourge me , Your entrie is looking really nice , more updates to come.:slight_smile:

nuclearman Hello michael , im glad that you liked this update. Right now im using Phong , Finalgather with no ambience and a area light. It will not take too long to start with shaders and textures. Thanks for pa ssing by Friend.:thumbsup:


More details in the engine , i ll put one more in a few mins with the whole ship.


One more update with the Spaceship


The wireframe


Ah, Final Gathering! Yes, that’ll do the trick. Thanks for that bit of … um … “illumination.” :slight_smile:

Anyway, the modeling is looking very good, Adrian. I’m curious as to what you’re going to do with the very front of the ship; also, it seems you’ve abandoned the gashes in the side of the ship – at least for now.

I guess the biggest question is how you plan to handle the terrain. The geoDisplace script is excellent for turning grayscale terrain maps into solid geometry, but the meshes tend to be fairly heavy. (The poly reduction tools can help, but you’ll also lose detail.) However, if you do decide to go with a grayscale terrain map, you’ll find some of the most incredible source pics you’ve ever seen here:

They’re best as regular displacement maps (use the “fine” setting, a low maximum displacement – 0.2 or so – and a length of 0.005), since the geoDisplace script can’t really handle anything over 500 x 500 pixel images, and the Jet Propulsion Lab photos tend to run several megabytes.


About the gashes Michael . A lot of work is needed in that part of the ship , i have some ideas about that and ill do it in the next days .

About the terrain , my first aproach will be with Zbrush and Displacement , i made some test with the workflow between XSi and Zbrush and is working fine i think , i will update very soon in that part. But ill give a try to the Script , Thanks for the tip mate :slight_smile:

the very front will have a lot of details but it will wait some days hehe.

I have ready the concept of one of the Assault ships that i will upload in the morning and work on it all the saturday .

Thanks for your comments, tips and observations mate .

Sry about my english.


Adrian, I’ll be very curious to see what you achieve with ZBrush. Everything I’ve heard about it has been quite positive, and the number of XSIers who are using it now has grown tremendously over the past few months. If you haven’t seen this thread – it concerns some results of test combining ZBrush with project:Messiah – be sure to take a look. The notion of getting that much detail out of displacement of 340 (!) polygons is really amazing. I wonder whether that’s possible with XSI. Anyway, take a look:


That’s a kickass ship/spacecraft/carrier! Sorry I haven’t read your thread in detail, but you’ve got some great modelling skills. Keep it up!



I’m liking a lot how this is coming out. And yes, that thread about ZBrush and XSI is worth looking… thanx for the info about the modeling (and the lighting), Adrian, very useful for a newbie like me. :beer:

Great updates.



Nuclearman I will put my workflow in how can you make the displacements maps made in Zbrush and the process that you need to follow in Xsi to achieve a good result .:thumbsup:

Keetmun Thanks for passing by my thread , more updates coming

Doublecrash Stefano , if you need more info about the settings and the setup of the scene to make this render ,please let me know mate, because i didnt put details in the previous reply.


ADR, i really like your ship!!! congratulations… hope to see more updates soon!!! and certainly hope to see you soon!!!


That is looking great , I liked the engine details . Good luck.


lafocalu thanks a lot for your words my lady , you know how important is your support for me .:slight_smile:

BartokDesign Thanks for passing by man , hope to update today , im kinda busy with another project. :thumbsup:


Some nice modeling Adr…Will you give the vessel a worn and torn,dented,beaten up look? …I think some extra details eventually on the main body will be the way to go at the end as well…The vessel has some nice lines,curves,and a nice flow…Looking very nice ADR…Keep at it,this will be a nice project and entry for you…Perhaps when it’s done you can take the Fun-borns for a ride in it then,:wink: …:arteest:


awesome work you have done here man! The only thing I can suggest is to ad little windows to the main body (ship) I could also suggest adding variables in the surface shape, for example, split the surface in different seccions like you already have done but add more pieces. :slight_smile:

- cheers!


This is going real good i like the ship and all the details in the engine

Great model keep them coming :thumbsup:


Thanks for passing by man , hope to update today , im kinda busy with another project.


yes more updates please…your work is looking really good friend…i want to see more of your nice modeling skillz!..ok im waiting:bounce:


Virtuoso Thanks so much for the comments Michael, yes indeed , ill model a lot of details in the hull of the ship , you will see updates tomorrow morning, ill work hard tonight.

ARSA Thanks for all the support and the tips man , yes i will do that tonight .

Lelantos Thanks for visit my thread .

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: