Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Adrian Lozano


Nice Concept ! Look forward to seeing more details!:thumbsup:


Hi Adrian,

a long time since i were here,and i find a really good progress. :thumbsup: U learn XSI by doing this contest,right? Respect,man- i can’t imagine how difficult this can be: Learning and doing some creative stuff…ppooohh! But i know u will reach the stars:scream:

Keep it up,mate. Looks cool so far. Best wishes!


Learning an app while doing a challenge is just a great way to do it. I did the very same with C4D in the Sideshow challenge… tricky but definitely the best possible crash-course one could join… The start of your ship looks very good :thumbsup: The cracks in the fuselage are not there yet, but I’m confident you’ll make it work with more tweaking and so on… :wip: there seems to be a wealth of plugins available to help you out by the sound of things. Good luck, Adrian!


Yes, is a great way to learn!

Adrian, you’re making leaps with this thread. I like the concept of the broken spaceship, others have already expressed what I would’ve criticised, so keep going. Plus, as you see in your very thread, the XSI community here is really helpful. I’m really curious to see how this will turn out. So far, I like it big time.



Nuclearman Thanks for the comments Michael . Yes i downloaded the shader collection yesterday i will test it today or maybe tomorrow , i will be busy today but hope to start to tweak and model all the stuff that i draw , i ll put the sketches and upload all the images in those days , need to work very hard .:thumbsup:

userBrian Thats a great idea about the torpedoes , i will do that. Thanks dude :slight_smile:

Adel3d Thanks for your comments , Updates coming soon :slight_smile:

Sascha It will be hard , still making test with modelling tutorials ,shaders and the Fx tree (Material editor) . I realized that the modeling in Xsi is fantastic and really fast . A lot of fun here. Thanks friend:thumbsup: .

JamesMK Thanks for the comments James can wait to see more updates from you , your project is looking amazing . :slight_smile: Im still learning and testing, more updates coming very soon.

Doublecrash Thanks for support me mate , im watching your thread closely .

Thanks again guys
Sorry about my bad english hehe


After some days making tests in Xsi , i have time to make one of the torrets of the ship , my progress in the challenge is slow, but im learning a lot of things about the software , hope to finish on time and make a good entry . C&C always welcome . thanks


i hope u have time to finish this…my best wishes bro…
i like your design on the torret …modeling looks nicce
i know u will end with a great entry my friend…so keep pushing!..ull doing it fine:thumbsup::thumbsup:


Turret looks good :thumbsup: Maybe needs a little sharper edges, but the overall design definitely works. Now model model model!! :wip:


Thanks for the commets guys , im working right now in the engine , hope to upload some progress today or maybe tomorrow .

Thanks again friends :thumbsup:


hey guys!!1

This is an update of the engine in the spaceship , i will add more details in the next few hours, hope to finish it today.


yeah man…is looking cool!..nice desing…i thing the deatails can make it look even better…
add lots of thiny wires…:bounce::buttrock:


Thanks for the comments Jorge . I added more details in the engine and tomorrow i will put some more in the rest .

Yes , need to put wires in it , just let me find a best way to make it in XSI , right now i looking for an effective process. Thanks


Xsi…Great to hear you learning a new tool/app while you create here Adrian…Your doing a nice job.I like the models,clean and smooth,nice designs…It’s been a while since we crossed paths,but it’s nice to see you again doing some nice work…Keep it up,I like your direction,your on the right road…Until next time keep it up strong…:arteest:


Hey Adrian!

Great modelling, really solid and clean. Great job with the concept design as well… everything looks truly beliavable. Can’t wait to see some textures on it… :thumbsup:


Virtuoso Thanks Michael for your comments , yes man im working in XSI for the project and as you can see i have a few updates only , im very busy right now making another project and sometimes is hard for me to work in the challenge , but i really want to finish this and have a nice training with this wonderful app and this great challenge .:thumbsup:

Rui_Padinha Im glad that you like my progress , more updates very soon Thanks:thumbsup:


Great looking engine! Could use a few harder edges somewhere, but overall it looks really good.


Wonderful look on the engine. Really impressive. Did you use local subdivision on some polys or on the whole mesh?

I’ll stick around. Very cool work.


[PS: My Foundation arrived yesterday… so I will be able to continue working! It’s really sooooo cool, with all the learning material… something that’ll keep me busy for months and months…]


The Turret gun ROCKS man…glad to hear u are learning new stuff…hope to see more updates from you friend… :bounce:


JamesMK thanks for the comments James , yes ill make hard edges in some parts of the engine, hope to finish tonight , and start to model other things . Thanks again :slight_smile:

[color=white]DoubleCrash [/color] Im glad that you like it Stefano, i made 1 level of subD and then model the parts outside the body .More updates coming today.

Dimitri Thanks mate for your support , im working really well with Xsi and is really fast.

thanks guys for your wonderful support:thumbsup:


i like your sketches in your first concepts. I like the crater and the guy standing buy a helicopter thing looking at the crashed ship. very cool idea. keepem flowin man